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Custom Claw Money Spring 2013

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Custom Claw Money Spring 2013

claw money spring 2013

Claw Money has released a spring collection of limited edition custom pieces. The line consists of one-of-a-kind customized jackets, jumpsuits and sweatshirts. Each piece is re-purposed with original CLAW MONEY patches and an assortment of vintage collected patches from Claw’s own personal archive. Each piece is handcrafted, tone and patch pattern will vary, making yours 100% unique. Since each piece is custom, stock is limited so get yours with the quickness!

claw money spring 2013

claw money spring 2013

claw money spring 2013

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NYC: ‘SPARKLE & SHINE’, A Vintage Holiday Pop-Up Event w/ The Goods & Marmalade, Friday 12/21/12

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NYC: ‘SPARKLE & SHINE’, A Vintage Holiday Pop-Up Event w/ The Goods & Marmalade, Friday 12/21/12

It’s the end of the world as we know it,  a new beginning, and the longest night of the year!  Once again I’m teaming up with my East Coast collaborator, Marmalade Vintage and bringing you “SPARKLE AND SHINE” to ring in the Winter Solstice and say “Frock you end of the world, we made it!!”

Hers and Hers tuxedos from The Goods!

Please join us for a holiday celebration this Friday, December 21st from 6-9 p.m.  We’ll be offering a selection of party frocks that will dazzle, cuddly furs, wicked footwear for dancing the night away and precious jewels to up lift the spirit.  I’ve packed up 100 pounds of The Goods! and brought it all the way from California for the East side to enjoy!

We’ll kick off the festivities with Holiday drinks, and sweet bites provided by Heartbreaker Baker, which will also be available for purchase packaged in several gift size boxes.

The Sparkle and Shine collection will only be available for purchase through Decemeber 31st.
Marmalade Vintage, 174 Mott St., NYC 10012

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Go Gaultier! Before It’s Gone

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Go Gaultier! Before It’s Gone

Gaultier signs the wall to San Francisco

Do not panic (well maybe a little).  There is still time (barely).  Please do yourself the favor of viewing the world that is John Paul Gaultier at the San Francisco De Young Museum.  You have until this Sunday, the 19th.  You have been warned.

The exhibit opened on March 24th and prior to this public unveiling, I had the honor (and I really stress the word honor) to attend the press viewing of  The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk.  Along with this golden ticket came the experience of attending a talk with Gaultier himself.  If ever there was a more down-to-earth, genuinely happy being, he is it.  I was in the presence of fashion royalty, speaking candidly about how feeding his cat one day inspired a jewelry collection of chic tin-can bangles and neck adornments.  Brilliant.

Gaultier knows punk. His tin can jewels inspired by feeding his cat.

Dede Wilsey, president of the board of the M.H. de Young Museum, opened the morning by talking about her initial thoughts of bringing Gaultier to San Francisco.  Of course she was familiar with the designer but she described herself as  being “more of a Chanel-y type of person”.  “St. Laurent I understand, Balenciaga I understand” she stated but Gaultier’s type of fashion was a bit outside the box.  Yet when she saw the collection up-close and personal there was one thing she did understand. That his work is art.

Dede Wilsey and Gaultier speaking at the De Young Museum

Natalie Bondil, Director of the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal, called her experience working on the exhibit as “a nightmare with a beautiful outcome”.  From the intricate animated mannequins (amazing!), rotating catwalks, the perfect backgrounds and lighting, the vast offering of decades of design, personal mementos of Gaultier’s life and times, I can only imagine the challenge to set the perfect stage for such a special collection.  No mater how nightmarish the process, the outcome was more than beautiful, it was surreal.  It was a dream that I never wanted to wake-up from.  There wasn’t enough time to take in each item, to note the thoughtful attention paid to every detail, to lift your jaw off the floor in wonder and amazement of Gaultier’s complex yet simple creative mind. With no formal training, Gaultier, truly is a chosen one.  I think that people make design and the process too complicated at times.  Searching for what is “right”, when really it is what is right in front of or around you.  Gaultier said it best, with a smile and a laugh,  “I see the beauty in it”.  From cans of cat food to S & M culture, he has created beauty in everything he has seen

Gaultier’s long-time model, muse and friend, Tanel Bedrossiantz and I strike a pose.

OH! And what did Liz wear?  Neck-to-toe vintage Gaultier, of course 😉

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Rojas Southwest Summer 2012 Revamped Vintage Levi’s Collection

MISS favorite Rojas introduces it’s Southwest Summer 2012 Revamped Vintage collection. Using vintage Levis 501s and high-waisted jeans, Freddie Rojas has combined the vintage denim with indigineous and southwest fabrics. The collection includes mini sweetheart bras,bustiers, muscle jackets and shorts. And yes, he’ll be making something for your man too so you can match if you want to. This collection is super cute (like most of what Freddie Rojas designs) and is a limited collection due to the nature of the fabrics. You can find the Rojas Southwest Summer 2012 Revamped Vintage Levi’s Collection at select Rojas retailers.

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I’m Having a Moment: Crew Necks

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I’m Having a Moment: Crew Necks

Connect the Dots: Adapt Dot Matrix Ladies Crew

It might be the weather, or my obsession with vintage, but for fall I’m loving crew necks. This trend is nothing groundbreaking, and my new found penchant for this comfy, sans collar sweater style is shared by many. If you’ve been following any sort of up and coming rapper or hip hop in general, you know that the crew neck is a staple piece. With so many different styles out there now, crews are once again becoming the must have piece for guys or gals.

Dapper Dan Worthy: Vintage Mock Gucci Crew

My ideal crew neck has to be both vintage and a statement piece. With so many companies jumping into the market, it’s easy to blend in.  Prices for new pieces are almost always around $60, and prices go even higher for rare collectibles (for example, anything original sports related).  But if you don’t feel like spending that sort of cash, try your local thrift store. You are bound to find either an ironic unicorn or cat print between the racks.

Vintage Mickey Mouse Club Crew

For some reason, the best crews belong to the fellas. Tell me why is that? Never fear! The unisex quality of this type of sweater allows girls to rock crews originally designed for men. And maybe vice versa?

This is No Ordinary Sweater: Diamond Supply Deuces Crew

Got a bright or heavily printed crew? Pair your new best friend with basic leggings and some cute ankle boots for a look that is both unique & fashion forward. If you have plain crew, throw on anything printed for your bottoms, whether it be some out there tights or colored, high-waisted shorts. The best part of this trend that with so many styles, you instantly have a ton of outfit options.

Here’s a couple more styles we love:

The Classic Crew Gets Updated: Lucca Couture Lorimer Sweater

Acapulco Gold Regiment Crew

Where to Buy (in order of post):

Adapt Dot Matrix Crew $60 (adaptadvancers.com)
Vintage Mock Gucci Crew $68 (newjackcitysf.com)
Vintage Mickey Mouse Club Crew $60 (throwbacksnw.com)
Diamond Supply Deuces Crew Neck $60 (karmaloop.com)
Lucca Couture Lorimer Sweater $85 (karmaloop.com)
Acapulco Gold Regiment Crew $104 (acapulcogoldny.com)
Photo Layout by: Phaymiss

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