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MTTM Spring 2012 Starring Ultra Babe Gita

Our favorite tough girl Leah McSweeney’s MTTM is back this spring with a vengeance.  I feel that this spring line is different from those past because there is that real element of soft and hard. Let’s be real, MTTM is on that bad girl, IDGAF type of life but at the same time are ladies. We ’bout that life. It really does exude through the collection and I couldn’t be happier to see the ‘SUPREME BITCH’ print back in full effect. Though, this time with the back drop of a rose. Feelin’ it.

For our 2012 Spring collection, MTTM is mixing the romantic with the risqué to create a line perfect for the seductive season ahead. Our classic array of graphic tees feature an abundance of fiery motifs like hearts & roses, offered up in various warm hues to play up the collections lusty inspiration. Along with a re-released version of the infamous Supreme Bitch tee, you can also expect snake-print stamp logos, a tank, a cropped Lolita-esque top for the warmer days to come, and even a rose-stamped Queen B sticker. Naturally we’ve released three new mens pieces as well, each available in two color ways with red, black, and white as the dominant shades.
As for our gorgeous model, 21-year-old Gita is an Oakland-bred FemmeC whose style reminds me of a cross between Aaliyah and Baby Spice - definitely can’t go wrong there. Her most popular tracks at the moment are Lights Out and Hood Rich, mixing original sound and steez with that classic Cali grittiness that you just wanna bop to. A M.O.B for sure! Keep an eye out for this one, she’s bout to blow up. Now onto the Lookbook shot by our girl Ysa Perez.
To view the rest of the looks and buy visit MTTM MOB SHOP

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M.I.S.S. Beauty Tip of the Week: Nicki+Ricky x MAC VIVA GLAM

Loyal fans of Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin may already know this, but the entities have united under the latest MAC VIVA GLAM campaign. The two music superstars are teaming up to promote HIV/AIDS awareness in Latin America. Ricky Martin helped inspire the new VIVA GLAM Lip Conditioner and Nicki Minaj is the inspiration behind the new VIVA GLAM ‘Nicki’ pink lipstick. (Both products can be seen below.)

As part of a recent media junket the pair appeared on Good Morning America to discuss the campaign in conjunction with MAC Cosmetics.
During the interview Ricky Martin spoke about his feelings in regards to the HIV/AIDS epidemic which is still an ongoing issue of international proportions. He said, “Kids are being infected with HIV and AIDS,” . . . “Some people think that this is an issue of the 80s and now we are still dealing with this issue. The fact that it’s a disease that doesn’t discriminate: men, women and children are being affected by this virus. Let’s talk about it. I want to be part of this.” For Nicki Minaj the campaign hits close to home after losing a family member to the disease. She said, ”This is something that is killing a lot of, especially black women, young black women. And so for me, that is why it hits home,” . . . “I have such a young fan base. I want them to start now, you know, protecting themselves. I want to start now being smart. I want them to abstain because I love them so much. I don’t want them to ruin their lives.”
One hundred percent of the proceeds from this campaign will be given to HIV/AIDS awareness initiatives in Latin America. Since its inception in 1994, the MAC AIDS Fund has gathered more than $235 million to benefit programs around the globe.

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Mirror, Mirror: Feels Like Spring, Feeling Nautical

We’ve had a really mellow winter and it feels more like spring in Northern California.  Last weekend the Tiny Dancer’s school had a party for the kids to celebrate Carnevale so I wanted to look put together but also be comfortable enough to keep up with the Tiny Dancer.  I’m also a big fan of nautical looks and I wanted to break out my new ruby slippers and I thought they would look great with navy and khaki.  Here are the details of my look from top to bottom…

Earrings: Chanel double-c post earrings
Top: H&M striped boat neck tee
Sweater: Uniqlo navy cardigan
Bracelet: Cubannie Links bracelet
Pants: J.Crew Chinos
Shoes: Ferragamo patent leather red flats

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Ron Simms Jr.
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M.I.S.S. Techcessories - Head Porter Leopard iPad & iPhone Cases

Leopard Cases

Grrr, baby, grrrr

Zebras just get chased and eaten by lions all day.  Giraffes are kind of like stuck up, model-esque daydreamers with their thin legs and their heads in the clouds.  Cheetahs just kind of run fast…which probably means they have some deep seated fear of commitment or something.  So is it really shocking that leopards, the cool, calm, and deadly killers of the animal kingdom, and their signature print are like…all the rage right now?

No where is leopard more beloved than in Japan, where there are more clothes and accessories donning the print than there are people.  Japanese brand Head Porter has taken the print, added their own colorful twist to it, and slapped it on a couple of cases for iPads and iPhones/iPod Touches.  While you won’t have access to your gadgets functions should you slip them into one of these beauties, at the very least you’ll be able to rest easy knowing your device is protected by a stylish, high density nylon shell.

These should be available soon at the Head Porter Online Store and other retailers around the world.

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She’s Got Sole: Nike Dunk High AC

Up to this point Dunk High AC releases have been strictly for the fellas. Luckily the ladies are getting some love for Spring 2012. A double dose of love at that. Two pairs of the pastel painted sneaks are set to hit stores just in time for Easter. Both the mint green and lilac colorway have a completely suede upper with a textured all white sole. The matching laces complete the look. Don’t want to wear patent leather flats to your local easter egg hunt? Cop a pair. Just be sure to keep the kiddies from your kicks.

Image Layout: Aeramis

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