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The hustle of a New Yorker with a southern belle charm is what makes NeKelia Henderson one of a kind. This born and raised ATLien has always been, and forever will be, addicted to words. Not addicted in an obsessed kind of way, but she respects language and the power words carry. Shes a Georgia State University alumna who turned her childhood hobbies of reading and writing into a Bachelor of Arts degree in English accompanied by a Spanish minor. Yes, she can read, speak, and write both (hence her literary alias being a fusion of the two languages). Lia isn't a 'girly girl' by any means. Shes an animated street couture junkie and sneaker addict who is attempting to embrace her more feminine side. Her favorite authors are Geoffrey Chaucer and Toni Morrison (Medieval Literature and the Harlem Renaissance are uber interesting to her). The southerner also enjoys nail polish, cracking jokes, vanilla lattes, the smell of new sneakers and old books, social networking sites, beanies (the hat, not the babies), making her own catch phrases, and pretty much anything Lupe Fiasco. She hopes to turn her writing talent into a lucrative career someday. She dreams of becoming a leading journalist for an urban culture magazine. She currently serves as a contributing writer to on-line publication Format Magazine and is ecstatic about being a member of the M.I.S.S. Mob. Swanky!


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