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Aeramis Fularon was originally born and raised in San Jose but moved to San Francisco to attend and study design at University of San Francisco. After finishing her last semester, she would like to pursue a career either as a graphic designer, focusing mainly on web and interactive media, or working for a fashion magazine doing magazine spreads and layouts. Design has always been her passion ever since she was thirteen years old, mainly inspired by her older cousin who is currently a graphic designer herself. On her free time, she is constantly browsing fashion or music blogs, trying to find the latest trends in both. She likes to be open-minded about music, loving almost every genre, from Rye Rye to Kaskade to J. Cole to Amel Larrieux. However, if she had to pick which genre is her favorite, it would be 90s music, reminiscing with Brandy, Tatyana Ali, Mase, and many others. Besides being a full-time student and undergoing two internships, she is employed at both Metropark and SeeZenn in downtown San Francisco. By working and gaining experience with M.I.S.S., she hopes it will help her pursue a career in both fashion and design.


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