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MTTM Spring 2012 Starring Ultra Babe Gita

Our favorite tough girl Leah McSweeney’s MTTM is back this spring with a vengeance.  I feel that this spring line is different from those past because there is that real element of soft and hard. Let’s be real, MTTM is on that bad girl, IDGAF type of life but at the same time are ladies. We ’bout that life. It really does exude through the collection and I couldn’t be happier to see the ‘SUPREME BITCH’ print back in full effect. Though, this time with the back drop of a rose. Feelin’ it.

For our 2012 Spring collection, MTTM is mixing the romantic with the risqué to create a line perfect for the seductive season ahead. Our classic array of graphic tees feature an abundance of fiery motifs like hearts & roses, offered up in various warm hues to play up the collections lusty inspiration. Along with a re-released version of the infamous Supreme Bitch tee, you can also expect snake-print stamp logos, a tank, a cropped Lolita-esque top for the warmer days to come, and even a rose-stamped Queen B sticker. Naturally we’ve released three new mens pieces as well, each available in two color ways with red, black, and white as the dominant shades.
As for our gorgeous model, 21-year-old Gita is an Oakland-bred FemmeC whose style reminds me of a cross between Aaliyah and Baby Spice - definitely can’t go wrong there. Her most popular tracks at the moment are Lights Out and Hood Rich, mixing original sound and steez with that classic Cali grittiness that you just wanna bop to. A M.O.B for sure! Keep an eye out for this one, she’s bout to blow up. Now onto the Lookbook shot by our girl Ysa Perez.
To view the rest of the looks and buy visit MTTM MOB SHOP

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