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Photos of the Week: SXSW edition

This year my photo partner in crime Trevor Traynor and I went down to Texas to cover the illustrious SXSW music festival together. We had a general idea of who we wanted to see but with no set itinerary we kind of just went with the flow. And luckily things seemed to work out perfectly. We managed to see a lot of great bands and snap photos along the way.

Where was the photo taken?

Austin, Texas at SXSW

How did you feel before you shot the photos?

Excited and energized.

How did you feel after?

Happy and tired

What do you like most about the images?

We felt great. And are excited to share the videos. (Coming soon)

What camera did you use?

We both used a Canon 5D

To see more of our work, please check out the slide show HERE

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