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Amanda Lopez
M.I.S.S. Photo Editor -- Amanda Lopez was born and raised in Sacramento, California under the watchful eye of her parents and paintings of La Virgen de Guadalupe. Her father lent her a camera at the age of 17, and photography soon became her savior. She studied art at San Francisco State University, and continued to shoot around the Bay Area and beyond. Whether she's photographing her homegirls, street musicians in the Mission District or members of her family, Lopez's camera eye looks for a balance of beauty, strength and urban tenacity. Her work has been published in Vibe, XXL, XLR8R, Sneaker Freaker and Hamburgereyes and in such books as Roger Gastman's "Street World" and Upper Playground "Backyard Shake Down. Lopez continues to be influenced by her Latina background and the energy of American cities. She believes La Virgen de Guadalupe has guided her well.


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