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DeeFind Presents: Primpin’ & Preppin’ Beauty Event in SF!



A night of shopping and pampering to benefit the non-profit Community Grows

Featuring the following activities:

31 RAX
Benefiting local non-profit:
Open Wine Bar Sponsored by:

On this evening local female shoe company, DEEFIND, will be hosting a night of PRIMPIN’ & PREPPIN’ both in support of their line as well as a fundraising effort for local non-profit, Community Grows. The night is centered around giving to others while staying sexy and fly.

Ladies will be able to shop the Deefind sample sale on a sliding scale starting at only $20.00. They’ll also get to create their own Primpin’ & Preppin’ packages by choosing 2 of the following on-site services being offered:

  • Nail Art by Nail Jerks
  • 20 minute personal styling session with Bianca Starr and Xela Gaerlan
  • Makeover from Dreamgirl Makeup InstitutePackages will be offered on a sliding scale basis starting at $25 with proceeds going to Community Grows. Community Grows is an environmental education program serving high-needs youth, especially those living in public housing in San Francisco. Youth acquire the necessary skills to live a healthy life through garden education, nutritious cooking and eating, and green jobs training.Join us for a night of good company, great style, elegant wine and fashion.

WHEN: Saturday, March 2nd , 6:00pm – 10:00pm; ALL AGES WHERE: 31 RAX, 3309 Mission St. @ 29th St., San Francisco COST: FREE

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M.I.S.S. Muses: Real Teamwork

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M.I.S.S. Muses: Real Teamwork

I know, it’s slightly cheesy to refer to teamwork as an inspiration. And stock images of businesspeople working in teams doesn’t make it any less corny. However, beyond the trite notions and images of  team-building exercises, when people genuinely work as a team for the benefit of a group, it really is great to be a part of.

The past couple weeks have given me a glimpse at what it’s like to really work with people as a team. Not just for yourself to get things done and obliging others so you can get to where you want to individually, but helping others out to help out and sacrificing when needed. Sometimes it meant the whole focus was for them, sometimes it was my time to shine. It was for a collective purpose though, not just individuals having to work with each other. It was working together, which is stronger than each alone.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t really work as a team in practice. In every place I have worked there have been groups working, but it was more people working in the vicinity of others rather than furthering each others’ goals and achievements. There have been empty motions and ideas thrown out, even from nice people who intend well. We just tend to look out for ourselves first, not trust others, and then reach out when we see benefit for self. There have been instances when I have truly liked who I have worked with and they liked me, and when it came down to crunch time, we rolled up our sleeves and pitched in even if it meant sacrificing our own stuff to pull the other person through. That hasn’t been the norm, but it is so much more empowering and pleasant to be in.

Consider pitching in, genuinely giving your all for someone else, for someone on one of your life’s teams.

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M.I.S.S. Jet Set: Plan a Getaway

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M.I.S.S. Jet Set: Plan a Getaway

Sometimes, we all need to get away. A little vacation can be good for our sanity and a chance to take a break from our norm. The next time you’re ready to check out from the daily grind and check into a getaway spot, consider these tips no matter what your budget. Read the full story

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M.I.S.S. Muses: Female Network

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M.I.S.S. Muses: Female Network

Depending where we are in life, names, faces, numbers, and relationships with friends vary. We may feel blessed with a large group or just a special one, but no matter how many or who we consider our friends, it’s important to keep these connections for our own happiness and sanity. And even though ladies can be catty or competitive, there truly is nothing like the female bond and our network of women.

During joyful times, the reality of our joy seems to be best realized when sharing the news with someone. No matter how much we may squeal and jump up and down alone, the celebration is somehow magnified when we tell someone else. The moment becomes more real. And there are some circumstances and celebrations that only another woman can understand. From small triumphs with something we finally said, a sweet moment with a loved one, or a step in our best direction career-wise, some things are best understood by another lady. Whether going out or hanging out in pajamas, some situations just call for one or several of our best gals.

Then there are times that we need to lean on someone, share the burden, or ease the shock with. Again, some situations are only understood by another woman. Life deals us love devastation, health letdowns, family disappointments, and so much more being at any given time. It’s so important to have a fellow lady who doesn’t just come out for toasts, but sticks around after the bubbles fizzle. Some hurts pass while others linger; no matter what the duration, sometimes to just know someone solidly has your back can make all the difference. It seems the real friends we keep and treasure in life choose to step up and stick around during these tougher times, and those types of friends are invaluable.

Sometimes our gender gets feisty with each other. We snap at those we love and criticize those we don’t even know. And while it’s human nature, perhaps make it your nature to love the women in your life. You never know when you’ll want them to show love for you.

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OPI Texas Spring/Summer 2011

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OPI Texas Spring/Summer 2011


From the company that brought revolutionary nail textures like matte, suede, and Black Shatter to women around the world, OPI announces a new special finish – semi-transparent sorbet shades. Featured first in the Texas Collection by OPI for Spring/Summer 2011, 6 of the 12 lacquers give fingers and toes a “sorbet-like” lightly glossed appearance. These hues include: Guy Meets Gal-veston, Ya’ll Come Back Ya Hear?, Too Hot Pink to Hold ‘Em, Big Hair…Big Nails, Do You Think I’m Tex-y? and Houston We Have a Purple.

I REALLY love OPI nail colours and with the ever changing color palettes that happen every season with apparel, OPI is on it too! I really love this palette because of the sorbet like shades which automatically make me think of what I’d love to eat while in the TX heat. I didn’t mean for that to rhyme, it just happened!


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