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DeeFind Presents: Primpin’ & Preppin’ Beauty Event in SF!



A night of shopping and pampering to benefit the non-profit Community Grows

Featuring the following activities:

31 RAX
Benefiting local non-profit:
Open Wine Bar Sponsored by:

On this evening local female shoe company, DEEFIND, will be hosting a night of PRIMPIN’ & PREPPIN’ both in support of their line as well as a fundraising effort for local non-profit, Community Grows. The night is centered around giving to others while staying sexy and fly.

Ladies will be able to shop the Deefind sample sale on a sliding scale starting at only $20.00. They’ll also get to create their own Primpin’ & Preppin’ packages by choosing 2 of the following on-site services being offered:

  • Nail Art by Nail Jerks
  • 20 minute personal styling session with Bianca Starr and Xela Gaerlan
  • Makeover from Dreamgirl Makeup InstitutePackages will be offered on a sliding scale basis starting at $25 with proceeds going to Community Grows. Community Grows is an environmental education program serving high-needs youth, especially those living in public housing in San Francisco. Youth acquire the necessary skills to live a healthy life through garden education, nutritious cooking and eating, and green jobs training.Join us for a night of good company, great style, elegant wine and fashion.

WHEN: Saturday, March 2nd , 6:00pm – 10:00pm; ALL AGES WHERE: 31 RAX, 3309 Mission St. @ 29th St., San Francisco COST: FREE

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6/23: Swap Lulus San Francisco

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6/23: Swap Lulus San Francisco


a night of fun & fashion
with Lulus.com


Madrone Studios
1417 15th St
(between Folsom St & Shotwell St)
San Francisco, CA 94103

Thursday June 23rd, 2011
6 to 10 pm

Clothing Drop-Off:
6 to 7:30 p.m.

Blogger & Press Mixer
6 to 7:30 p.m.

Clothing Swap:
8 pm SHARP!

Swap Style Fashion Show:
9:30 to 10 pm

Join The Swapaholics, America’s favorite clothing swap hostesses, for a celebration of sustainable style with Lulus.com — who will be hiding over 100 free samples of their clothing & accessories throughout the clothing swap, mixed in with swappers’ donations from their own closets, like buried treasure!

We’re coming to San Francisco for the first time, bringing together swappers & fashion bloggers from all over Northern California for a fun night of retail therapy and recycling — and everything left over at the end of the night goes to support Goodwill Industries of San Francisco, San Mateo & Marin Counties.

Bring a Bag, Get a Bag:
Bring a bag full of all those like-new and gently worn clothes, shoes, accessories & jewelry just taking up space in your closet & swap them in for a new bag full of finds from fellow fashion-obsessed ladies in the Bay Area — all for just the cost of admission!

Sip & Snack:
Nosh on healthy gourmet snacks from the girls at San Francisco-based Pretzel Crisps & dish about recipe ideas for your next house party while sipping on complimentary wines from our friends at Second Glass.

Show Off Your Swap Style:
Take pictures with your friends and all your new favorite scores in our Swap Style Photo Booth. Pose with your finds and other props, then tag yourself on Facebook to share your swap scores with your friends.

Enter to Win a Closet Restock:
Post your photos, “squee!” moments, fun finds & other updates throughout the event to Twitter using the hashtag #SwapLulus to @Lulusdotcom & @TheSwapaholics for a chance to win a $100 gift card from Lulus.com to fill your closet back up with some more scores!

Feel Good & Do Good:
All the clothing left over at the end of the swap will be donated to Goodwill Industries of San Francisco, San Mateo & Marin Counties, to be sold in their shops to raise money for their wonderful job training, empowerment & youth programs.

For 25% off of your ticket, enter code MISSMEDIA at http://swaplulus.eventbrite.com

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M.I.S.S. on the Scene: White Girl Mob in San Francisco

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M.I.S.S. on the Scene: White Girl Mob in San Francisco

Kreayshawn and V-Nasty

Kreayshawn and V-Nasty

One big room full of bad bitches.

Yup, that summed it up for the White Girl Mob show in San Francisco.  With so much hype over Kreayshawn‘s “Gucci Gucci” video, there was no doubt that the spot would be packed with swag.  Being a Hundreds show, you already know that hundreds of folks will come through, but with White Girl Mob on the bill, then that math gets exponential.   The crew’s got steeze in threes with members Kreayshawn, V-Nasty, and Lil Debbie, so multiply that by over one-an-a-half million You Tube views- and counting- plus thousands of Twitter followers, and you’ve got a serious viral epidemic.

White Girl Mob headlined the show at Som in the City across from the Town, the WGM’s stomping grounds, otherwise known as Oakland.  It couldn’t have been a more perfect time for this performance, less than two weeks after the release of the video on YouTube and just right at that sweet spot when the buzz is fresh.

M.I.S.S. sat down to chat with Kreayshawn before sound check, and by the time we came back, the sidewalks were packed full of people just anxious to get in the doors.  The show was sold out, but that didn’t stop people from trying to either hustle a ticket or cop one – at triple the face value.  I’ve been to Som before, a chill club with a lounge vibe right in the Mission District, but this night was exceptionally crackin’.

White Girl Mob: Kreayshawn, Lil Debbie, V-Nasty

White Girl Mob: Kreayshawn, Lil Debbie, V-Nasty

Inside, the air was thick.  It could have been the blunt smoke, but also could have been the anticipation.  These people were ready to see what this hype was all about.  The crowd sure was thick, too.  Just to get to the stage, we had to cut across the dance floor and inch into spaces.  We made it to the front and I knew my spot was locked once I landed my Claw Money x Boosted duffle bag on the stage.   (I had to keep that bag close with my vintage Gucci bag inside, shhhhh!) The DJ was on point, pumping out bounce tracks that had the place bumpin’ bumpin’.  This was the craziest I’ve ever seen the spot get, yet everyone was waiting for that one song to really get wild.  Thank goodness I wore some sneakers, my M.I.S.S. x Mama x Adidas kicks, because this was not the night for heels.

Jealous Guys, Mistah F.A.B.

Jealous Guys, Mistah F.A.B.

For the White Girl Mob’s first official hometown show, they had a hefty line-up of artists hailing from the Bay.  Mistah F.A.B. emceed the show, Erk da Jerk kept the single ladies’ hands up, Jealous Guys had the crowd reppin’ their city, and Los Rakas made me wish I could understand Spanish- but I didn’t even need to because I was feeling it all.  All the while, WGM kept to the back of the stage, peeping the scene and showing the brothers some love.



Then F.A.B. officially introduced the White Girl Mob.  Kreayshawn hit the stage, rockin’ a Vans x Claw Money tank, white denim cutoffs, textured tights, and some cutesy custom cartoon Vans slip-ons.  Just like the “Gucci Gucci” video, a pair of plush Minnie Mouse ears sat on her head (along with Minnie’s eyes and nose).  And just like her Bumpin’ Bumpin’ video (and pretty much everything else), her look is not complete without her signature bamboo earrings and cat eyeliner.  V-Nasty donned some black Chucks and represented a freshly made White Girl Mob tee with pink bubble letters, and Lil Debbie did her thing in red Chucks, a cropped acid denim button-up, and elastic-waistband hammer pants.   I never thought those pants could look good again but she definitely did it.

White Girl Mob in their kicks

White Girl Mob in their kicks

Despite the cracks on the mic and the sound cutting out, Kreayshawn and the crew kept it coming during the whole set.  The songs ranged from shooting videos (her main forte), to smokin’ bud (another forte), to what she would do to an unfaithful  lover.  Here’s a hint: remember Left Eye?  V-Nasty got nasty on the mic for a couple of her own tracks, while Lil Debbie was the hype girl for the entire show, holding down the overdubs without a mic.  On point, ladies…

Gucci Gucci got the crowd wild!

Gucci Gucci got the crowd wild!

Then, the moment came that everyone was waiting for…

“Gucci Gucci” hit the speakers, and the crowd erupted.  It was Kreay-Kreay in there!  Groupies bumrushed the stage, almost raising a ruckus with the other ladies in the front. One big room full of bad bitches, indeed.   I had to make sure to hold my stance tough since M.I.S.S. was trying to get that video footage!   Blame it on the mic or the music, you couldn’t quite hear Kreayshawn, but you didn’t have to because the audience knew each and every word of the whole entire song.  I can’t lie, I did.  If that wasn’t enough, the song looped, they tossed the microphones, and the ladies rocked it one more time, no mic necessary.  How’s that for an encore?

Kreayshawn and her mama

Kreayshawn and her mama

Before Kreayshawn left the stage, she introduced me to her mama who was standing her ground right in the front row.  This may seem like a surprise given that girls were getting wild by the stage, but this is not just your ordinary mom.   Mama’s used to crowds of a different kind, being a seasoned guitarist from numerous punk rock bands.  Young Kreayshawn started going to her mom’s shows at the age of 4, and now mom is in the audience.  Swag pumpin’ out the ovaries, for real!

Who else was on the scene to see White Girl Mob?  Peep this video from the Hundreds to get a glimpse of the show (and catch the M.I.S.S. x WGM group shot) and stay tuned for a M.I.S.S. TV exclusive interview with Kreayshawn.

White Girl Mob x M.I.S.S.

White Girl Mob x M.I.S.S.

Photo credits: TrendOne Jeff and Artiffact
Images layouts by Feesh

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The Film Link List – 05.19.11

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The Film Link List - 05.19.11

♥♥ The 64th International Cannes Film Festival is currently underway. And of course it’s your typical dog and pony show with the latest and greatest independent films of 2011. Like the Jodie Foster movie Beaver which she directed starring her and Mel Gibson, the whimsical sci-fi film Melancholia from Denmark director Lars von Trier starring Kirsten Dunst, and many more.

♥♥ On the other side of the world, The Seattle International Film Festival is just right around the corner.

♥♥ If you can’t go to film festival don’t stress. Your local theater movie is just as good. Jack Sparrow is back again in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Tired of another Pirates film? No worries, living legend Woody Allen’s latest film “Midnight in Paris” will be out as well, starring funny man Owen Wilson and the always-charming Rachel McAdams. Both films out on May 20th.

♥♥ In movie news, the wild and colorful director Baz Luhrmann (Romeo & Juliet, Moulin Rouge) will be directing his adaptation of the classic novel “The Great Gatsby.” Luhrmann has finally cast the role of Gatsby’s BFF Tom Buchanan to Australian actor Joel Edgerton.

♥♥ Following the success in San Francisco and New York, The Levi’s Workshop is in LA doing a special series on Film Workshops. The Levi’s Film Workshop will be house at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA) within the Art in the Streets exhibition. The workshops will vary on educational workshops, collaborations with the artists featured in Art in the Streets exhibition, a series of film screenings, and much more. Dates and more information will be posted on The Film Link List.

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Lancôme House of Color: Jade Fever

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Lancôme House of Color: Jade Fever

Lancome House of Color Jade Fever

Lancôme asked their favorite fashion and beauty bloggers to create 20 short films inspired by the colors of their Color Design 5 Pan palettes. My normal eye makeup application consists of a swipe of a neutral color over my lid so I was a bit scared off when I was asked to test out one Lancôme’s Color Design 5 Pan palette in JADE FEVER. I visited a Lancôme counter at a department store and Nancy, the saleswoman at the counter, happily showed me how to apply the five shades in the palette. She walked me through each step: (1) all over application; (2) lid; (3) crease; (4) highlighter; and (5) liner. Depending on how you contour, sculpt and shade you can get a soft look for day or intensify your look with a smoldering smokey eye for night. Fortunately, the palette comes with a handy step-by-step how to cheat sheet detailing how to create both day and night looks so I always have a reference whenever I want to apply the makeup.

Lancôme’s House of Color palettes comes in twelve different color options and I was happy to receive the palette in Jade Fever. When I first saw the Jade Fever palette I immediately thought of camouflage which I thought fitting since makeup is a bit like my armor. I arm myself for the day before going out into my urban stomping grounds including Chinatown and downtown San Francisco. Upon further reflection, the vibrant greens also made me think of natural, lush surroundings of San Francisco, and specifically, the tranquility of the Japanese Tea Garden.

After a long day in San Francisco, I was amazed at how my eyeshadow stayed on. Normally, whatever remnants of eyeshadow I manage to put on are in a greasy crease on my eyelid but not so with the Jade Fever palette. The color lasted for more than eight hours and really brightened my eyes. So much so that I think I want to purchase the palette in other colors - my only problem is that there are so many great options it’s hard to choose just one.

You can learn more about Lancôme’s House of Color on Facebook and purchase the Lancôme House of Color eyeshadow palettes on the Lancôme website.  You can also follow Lancôme on Twitter and watch videos on Lancôme’s Youtube channel.

The House of Color campaign features 20 films created by Style Coalition bloggers and a new film is released every day on Style Coalitions’ Youtube Channel.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Lancôme via Style Coalition for the creation of the video and post.

All Photos: OHW2007

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