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Nails Did: Cult of Beauty x Nail Jerks “Dripped In Beauty”

I recently collaborated with Cult of Beauty, Founder/Editor of CLOUT Magazine & Founder/Designer of High Gloss Clothing with Nail Jerks. After getting to know her I gained respect for what Cult of Beauty is all about and why she got into the business.

According to Cult of Beauty, the name represents “Finding beauty in all things” obsession with aesthetics.

Clout is the leading graffiti lifestyle magazine based out of San Jose, California, featuring street influenced art, fashion and music and their creators. Landing exclusive interviews with artists and musicians, Clout offers a unique look at street influenced culture.

I really love what Cult of Beauty is doing with her craft. It’s always admirable to find a lady underneath the veil of something that is usually run by men. I’m really happy that I got a chance to collaborate with her and bring you another view of her work.

Photographer: Rosalie Rivera

Graphics: Alex Blaise

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