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Nails Did: Kleur

I first met these ladies at the Jazz & Reggae Festival at UCLA. It took my deep infatuation with Raphael Saadiq to resist plopping down and getting my nails “did.” I love nail design, and no, I’m not talking about flowers and a couple dots, but full on works of art. These ladies have the craft down.

Kleur {kuh-ler} is comprised of three creative women - Nita Darling, Nikko Gray and Jaeme Estera - who each have their own repertoire of talent and skills in addition to being talented with polish, acetone and color. This L.A. based trio pulls from their surrounding environment and culture to create one-of-a-kind, original nail art and jewelry. Inspired by music (check out their hip-hop nails on FB) and each other, these ladies are a great example of creativity and talent at its best.

Make sure to check them out on Twitter or Facebook to see their latest work and where they will be next. Also take a look at their Jewelry at BigCartel.

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