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Extra Extra! ‘Hell Yeah!’ Magazine is now online!

Hell Yeah! magazine goes digital!

A heaping helping of international urban culture with a side of vulgarity. That’s the best way to attempt to describe Hell Yeah! magazine. The Aussie born publication prides itself on its raw opinion on the often ignored street culture. Focusing on art, fashion, pop culture, music, and all other things awesome, you won’t catch carb-deprived chicks in bras or an ad for overpriced anti-wrinkle cream within these pages. There is enough color to make Richard Simmons proud, and even more photography. Honestly, I’ve never seen anything like Hell Yeah! Name a magazine that features chicks in sneakers instead of stilettos and give graffiti artists the shine they deserve. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

Now, maybe you’ve never heard of this particular magazine, but trust and believe they’re no amateur brand. The first issue included features on stateside brands Claw Money, Cubannie Links, and Princess of the Posse, German jewelry company Gheddorings and a few Australian fashion brands got love too! Not to mention a Pop Art editorial by the MISS! Oh, they don’t discriminate!

Remember, good things come to those who wait so the issues are only bi-annual. Luckily for international readers, Hell Yeah! converted the previous two issues into digital format (no download needed) and plan on continuing the trend for issues forward. If you get a craving in between issues, you can get your fix on the daily via the Hell Yeah! blog.

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