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She’s Got Sole: Dee & Ricky x Pony M-100

Safe is boring. A little color never hurt nobody, and the newest sneaker collaboration from Dee & Ricky and Pony says just that! The Pony M100 got its humble beginnings in the 1980s as a basketball sneaker. Today, the shoe keeps its identity, but gets dipped in a little Dee & Ricky fun. The twin business partners are known for their bright, innovative accessory designs (especially their amazing LEGO pins). Their signature style translated perfectly into this two shoe collab. Each twin got to design a M-100 to their liking in honor of their 26th birthday. HDB guys!  This mash-up is just what sneaker lovers ordered. They’re available now in Europe at select stores including Shelta and Gorilli.

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Fashion Meets Film: Halloween 2012 Edition!

Ladies, ladies, please all your boyfriends can dress like me.

Finally! It’s here. My birthday! Oops I mean HALLOWEEN! That’s right. Time of ghosts, witches, spider webs tangled in your hair and glitter make-up you could only get away with one day out of the year. Well, two if you’re lucky.

Now you guys that if the occasion requires getting dressed up, I pull all my inspiration from films. I am still stuck on what I want to wear this year so maybe this list with help all of us. Here’s what I think will be the most likely costumes this year:

Need a driver tonight?

5. Drive

For all you guys out there who want to come off as sexy and mysterious there’s no better movie than “Drive” to help you out. Find yourself a pair of tight jeans, a Scorpio silk bomber jacket, leather gloves, and check out Goodwill for some old-school cross trainers.

You don’t need to be a gangster to dress like one.

4. Boardwalk Empire

Slick back your hair, dust off the Tommy Gun and grab a pin-striped 3-piece suit that’s tailored to your inner gangster because you are going as Steve Buscemi. I mean Nucky Thompson. Sounds sexier that way.

A great couple outfit.

3. Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

If you are on the hunt for a couple-duo outfit there’s no cooler couple than Catwoman and Batman. The leather, the mask, sex appeal, and killer spikey heels. (Those are reserved for Catwoman. Sorry guys.)

Even better couple idea.

2. Hunger Games

I am going to play a candy-corn drinking game on Halloween. Every time I see a Katniss, I will eat a candy corn. I should have a lethal sugar high by the end of the night. Having said that, it’s still a great costume idea. Any of the “Hunger Games” characters would be fun. And if you are leaning towards Katniss, don’t go for her typical bow-and-arrow drag because that will be everywhere. Think about her prim and proper Tribute attire or better yet her Girl-On-Fire Dress.

Let the (Halloween) games being!

1. The Great Gatsby

Although Baz Luhrmann film of the F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic book isn’t out in theaters until 2013, you can be ahead of the curve. And let’s be honest: no era did fashion better than the Roaring 20s. To be the ideal doe-eyed Daisy, you need precisely shaped eye browns, jewels, sequins, feathers, red lips, and a perfect marcel wave.

If you don’t want to be like everyone else, here are some classic films that I think will be excellent sources of spooky good times on Halloween.

Daisy. Oh sweet Daisy.

1. Drop Dead Gorgeous – Be a dead Miss America. Killer idea.
2. Zoolander – Sport your snake-print spandex and your best Magnum face.
3. Hocus Pocus – Forget the broom and carry a vacuum cleaner instead.
4. Grease – Go solo as Sandy or grab your girls and go as The Pink Ladies.
5. Beetle Juice – Slither into Blackmilk leggings and a matching striped blazer.

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Joyrich’s Wild Style Opening Night

While most of the country was getting a head start on their Halloween shenanigans, M.I.S.S. decided to hit the streets of Los Angeles for the opening night of Joyrich’s new concept boutique, Wild Style. Rightfully named, the night was nothing short of well… wild. The night featured performances by Mademoiselle Yulia, Andy’s Kids, DJ Nabe, Miss Glitter, and 187 Moochie. With an attendance of fashionable fans and celebrities including rapper Rye Rye, designers Laura and Ashley of Dimepiece, rap group The Rejects, choreographer Brian Friedman, ABDC dancers Quest Crew and Fanny Pack, and radio personality Mando Fresko to name a few.

(left) Joyrich creative director David Melgar with Mademoiselle Yulia (right) Music artist Kay with stylist Laina Rauma

Located in the trendy streets of Melrose, Joyrich‘s new concept boutique aims to cater to the  fashion forward. Director/designer David Melgar states:

We are excited about bringing a whole new store and a fresh new look on fashion that is futuristic, exciting and funky, something that is not in LA.

The new fashion space will be home to high end and international brands such as Giza, Vivienne Westwood, Astrid Anderson, Shaun Samson, Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals, JCDC, Gerlan Jeans and Raf Simons, to name a few. Melgar also mentions the origins of the store name stemming from comments he and his fashion forward friends receive in response to their style aesthetic, the same type of look they hope to make popular in their store.

And lastly, a M.I.S.S. recap isn’t complete without an ode to the fly nails dids we saw that night. It is safe to say nail art is still very much in but fall and jewel tones are making a big bang!

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Introducing Love My Custom Jewelry

love my custom

When I received an email from Love My Custom with images of the jewelry line I did a little dance.  This jewelry screams fun and “hey check me out, you know you want to.”  Started in 2010 by Lisa-Marie Carter - the brand has gone from strength to strength pulling in celebrity clients such as Kelly Rowland, Rita Ora, Little Mix, WAH Nails, Tanya Lacey, Stooshe, Shystie and more.  The new LMC collection is full of statement pieces whether you’re into fries (or chips as our British friends call them) or Nefertiti all of the items in the collection stand by the motto “the bigger the better.”  You can purchase LMC on the LoveMyCustom online store.

love my custom

love my custom

love my custom

love my custom

love my custom

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Ron Simms Jr.
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M.I.S.S. Techcessories: Introducing Apple’s New iPad Mini

iPad Mini

The iPad Mini

Honey, I shrunk the kids!  And the iPad.

Just as the original iPod received a miniaturized sibling eight years ago, the iPad now has a little brother (sister?) to call it’s own.  Sir Jonathan Ive and his team at Apple didn’t just take a regular old iPad and make everything smaller.  Rather, they went back to the drawing board, considered what would and wouldn’t work in a smaller form factor, and came up with a design that looks very much like an iPad at first glance, but improves on the design in a few crucial areas.  The screen real estate has been reduced to 7.9 inches, and the device itself is only 7.2 mm thick  and 0.68 pounds.  It’s got the same anodized edges  and lightning connector as the iPhone 5, and a smaller bezel running around the device for a larger viewing area.  Inside there’s a 5 megapixel camera, LTE (if you get one of the cellular versions), and the same A5 chip that powers the iPad 2.

This mix of old and new tech has drawbacks and benefits.  On the bad side, those used to retina displays will have to make due with a less impressive screen than its bigger sibling and slower processing speeds.  On the good side, the older parts used mean reduced power consumption (the iPad Mini is supposed to last up to 10 hours on one charge) and a more affordable price for people not trying to sell organs on the black market to purchase a bigger model.

Speaking of prices, the Wi-fi only iPad Mini drops on November 2nd (Friday), with prices starting at $329 and going up to $529.  The Wi-fi and 3G equipped Mini, however, are shipping a few weeks later on AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon with prices ranging from $459 to $659.  Who am I kidding?  You’re probably camped out front of the Apple Store now reading this post on your soon to be replaced iPad.

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