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It’s Baaaaack! MISS “Nails Did” 2012 Calendar

Miss January 2012

Hey Ladieeeeees! We heard your call and for 2012 the MISS “Nails Did” calendar is back in full effect - with one minor change. We love sneakers at heart but matching manicures to sneakers is soooo 2009 (I’m not talking to you Sneakerette!). I mean, we love matching manicures to sneakers but it seems like a lot of other sites have started doing the same thing. So, we decided to up the ante and leave the others one step behind. For 2012, we’re matching manicures to high-end designer accessories! Not only that but we’ve enlisted the talented Amanda Lopez to take the photos for the calendar.

Off the cusp of the H&M x Versace craze we decided to start the year with an homage to Versace. This vintage Versace piece is a two-for-one, or maybe I should say two-for-two. Featuring to belts and two pouches on the belts, this is probably the most glamorous fanny pack you’ve ever laid eyes on. Many thanks to MISS Busy Lady Baca for her amazing vintage collection.

We hope you enjoy the new calendar - I’d like to introduce you to MISS January 2012 and I look forward to unveiling a new manicure each month. And don’t forget, today’s #MissManiMonday so submit your photos via Twitter and Facebook!

Download the free Miss January 2012 Desktop and Calendar by clicking here.

Photography: Amanda Lopez
Nail Art & Styling: Liz Baca
Model: Mayra Ramirez
Producer: GDK

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