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What I Want for the Holidays 2011: Steph

It’s that time of year again! Christmas is one of the best times of the year because you get to make lists of things you want and not feel too guilty about feeling greedy or anything! I realize now that as I get older, I’m lucky if I’m still even getting presents. Nowadays, family members just give me money because they don’t know what to get me-not that I’m complaining or anything, I mean, who DOESN’T love to get some cash money during the holiday season, right?! But if one of the following five items were to appear in front of me during Christmas, you wouldn’t be hearing any complaining from me!

1. Black pumps from — I love wearing heels! I feel like a girl can never have too many pairs of heels, ESPECIALLY black heels! Black goes with any and everything and since there are so many different types of heels, why not get ‘em all, right!? This year I’d love to add these heels to my shoe collection because I’m really into heels with that Mary-Jane strap look to them. It looks so simple and yet so classy-something a girl should always be when going out!

2. Flower dress from Forever 21 — I know what you might be thinking…Dresses during winter? I think dresses are perfect no matter what season it is. Make it season-appropriate by adding tights during the winter. This dress especially is great for the winter season because it is long sleeved! No matter what the season is, dresses always make an awesome outfit for any occasion!

3. Juicy bag from Nordstrom — Juicy Couture is one of my favorite brands for handbags. I love the material of their bags and they are so sturdy. I know they may be a little pricy, but definitely worth it!

4. Portable DVD player from Target — Definitely not a need, but certainly a big WANT! I go on a lot of vacations and this is something that would be perfect for those long plane rides when there’s nothing to do. They’re pretty inexpensive but would certainly get a lot of good use!!

5. Teal dress from Forever 21 — Another simple dress, perfect for holiday parties -especially since it’s that teal/greenish color that just screams “Christmas!” Very simple, but very cute-just exactly how I want to look during the holidays!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!!!

steph (=

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One Response to “What I Want for the Holidays 2011: Steph”

  1. Yee Yee says:

    I love Forever 21′s clothes and accessories! Their dresses are really cute and inexpensive :) That Juicy purse looks nice!


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