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M.I.S.S. Muses: New Baby

Have you ever held a newborn baby? If not, I recommend you do. There’s something about holding a newborn, looking into their eyes, just being with them. . . it’s like all you want to do is hold them (and make sure they are breathing). It makes your past priorities seem silly, and faraway. Even when you don’t have any idea or reason why it’s all changed.

My new niece was born last month and I was lucky to get to spend time with her during her first days. Of course, I am a firm believer she is the most precious thing ever to come on this earth, but I’m sure all parents and adorers of their own sweet little babies think the same of their baby. But besides being cute, babies are enchanting. When newborn, they don’t do a whole lot. They sleep, drink milk, sleep, sometimes briefly open their eyes, and sleep some more. But you want to be there as they do this routine. Work goes out of mind and staring at a sleeping baby seems to be the best thing ever.

Why? Perhaps it’s the simplicity and straightforwardness of their life. They are upset when their body is uncomfortable or needs something. We get upset by the time of day, day of the week, color in front of us, that some guy took our parking spot, etc. Babies just want to develop and be loved. Really, they cry to be held and have affection. We play weird games and dance around the issue and don’t admit that we, too, want to be loved. Babies are learning from all around them and fascinated by simple things like the amazingness of their hand. We beg for constant stimulation, even if mindless, we still look for bright colors on a television and some sort of story to play out in front of us.

Maybe new babies are so fascinating to us because they contrast us in the most peaceful way possible. They remind us to slow down, sleep, and smile for nothing. They teach us that superficial things aren’t important, but health, security, and love are key. So again, if you haven’t spent time with a new baby, do so. They have lessons for us we can all use some reminding of.

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