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Mi Vida Loca: Mama A/W 2008-09 Collection

Mi Vida Loca: Mama A/W 2008-09 Collection

Project: Mi Vida Loca: Mama A/W 2008-09 Collection
Role: Art Direction & Design
Notes: For the Mama Autumn/Winter 08-09 collection, I was inspired by the iconic Amerciana look of the Chola and that served as the basis for all of the t-shirt designs and cut & sew.

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6 Responses to “Mi Vida Loca: Mama A/W 2008-09 Collection”

  1. Alexis says:

    how would i purchase your merchandise?

  2. Gabriella GDK says:

    hi alexis, that stuff came out more than 6 months ago and I think most places may be sold out of it by now but you can check online at:,,,, and Thanks! :) gdk

  3. chula says:

    cool line. you ever thought about doing a spin on it and taking it back to the 70′s chola? there’s a lot of that history that has remained untouched.
    It would be neat to see a “ work wear” line come out. Maybe a tribute to rosie the riveter. distressed, hand-made jeans, work boots, etc seem to be the latest hype. but I am sure with a M.A.M.A. spin on it something eye-catching and mind-boggling could be produced.
    just a thought

  4. Gabriella GDK says:

    Hi Chula,
    Great suggestions! I’m actually not doing the line anymore but you have great ideas. Thanks for writing! :) gdk

  5. lady says:

    where can i buy sum?
    or where can i go?

  6. amber says:

    You should continue the line i have always wanted to purchase stuff from line but was to young to work now that i work its not available.Suuuuuxs.


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