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Hannah Stouffer Pillow Giveaway!

Hannah Stouffer Grand Array Pillow Giveaway

Hannah Stouffer Grand Array Pillow Giveaway

Our most recent Woman Making History, artist Hannah Stouffer, also sells housewares with her beautiful illustrations printed on them.  Now, you can get your hands on some lovely Grand Array Feather pillows.  All you have to do is leave a comment and let us know what you would do with the pillows.  Winner will receive 2 pillows and we’ll select a winner at random.  Good luck!

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15 Responses to “Hannah Stouffer Pillow Giveaway!”

  1. MC says:

    I’d lay them under my head for elaborate wild, whimsical dreams that will inspire creativity so that I will awake with new ideas & outlooks. I will awake with an eye for detail and a smile.

  2. Chris Colella says:

    I will use them to seduce my girlfriend. End.

  3. Bartholomew Henry says:

    I’d give one to me mum and the other my little niece Olivia, as a surpise present!

  4. Noelle Terrado says:

    I would give them to my broke college student boyfriend! =) He needs all the love he can get. In plus, who doesn’t love pillows?

  5. AjaPersuasia says:

    I’d engage random strangers in the most exquisite pillow war evar!

    Or, put them on my couch to add interest to an otherwise dull lounging experience.

  6. Maud says:

    My boyfriend and I don’t live in the same country.
    I would give him a pillow and keep the other for me, so that we would be dreaming on the same pillows, even if an ocean keeps us apart. And it would be a promise that one day we will be together at last, and have those two pillows on the same bed.

  7. Lisette says:

    I would give them to my sister as a gift, she just moved into a new place and she totally needs them :)

  8. Miss Michelle says:

    First off, the design is beautiful. I’d give one pillow to my bully pitt terrier, named Mama, since she’s always getting her beauty sleep on my pillows. I would use the other pillow to show my tattoo artist the idea of the tattoo I want. The pillow would be used to rest my head while I get a similar design tatted on my back. :)

  9. LauraFay says:

    I will put them on the road furniture in my little brown flat!
    Like a caterpillar to a butterfly,’The Povo’ to the preferable, ‘The Povo with Pretty Cushions.’


  10. Elyssa says:

    Let’s be honest, they’d be replacing my ugly Ikea accent pillows on my bed. The best thing is that they match my bedspread perfectly.

  11. Aneesa says:

    I would use them to dress up my bedding set, which is cream and white. The colors of the pillows and the beautiful stitching would compliment my bedding well. :-)

  12. Mari says:

    These pillow’s would be used for multiple things…chillin back with my cat. Laying with my man. Being a seat for my computer while on my lap. They would chill on my couch, adding that awesome Stouffer touch!

  13. Yater says:

    I would hang them up on my wall, because they would “pop” out at you as you walk in my apartment. Framed art on the walls is nice, but adding another dimension is also nice.

  14. Khidr says:

    I’ll will give it to my mom because she needs some nice pillows

  15. Gabriella GDK says:

    This contest is closed!


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