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“WELL CONNECTED” 5 Week Sunday Brunch Series @ BAR BASQUE

A 5 Week Sunday Brunch Series


Ed Lover


& Valissa Yoe

Bar Basque
851 6th Ave / Avenue of the Americas (btwn 29th & 30th)
New York, NY 10001
2pm - 8pm

** For Table Reservations email: [email protected] **
EVERY SUNDAY 2-8PM / Sunday August 6th - Sunday Sept. 4th

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M.I.S.S. On the Scene: Amasia

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M.I.S.S. On the Scene: Amasia

The air was thick as we walked up to the front door of the Tribeca Grand, thick with the moisture of a rainy night, anticipation and faded memories. I honestly did not know what to expect after RSVP’ing to the screening of Amasia a film by Wardenclyffe for Jules Kim of Bijules. Having been familiar with Kim’s jewelry line for some time one thing was a guarantee, if the film were to reflect Jules’ line at all, I would be sure to expect the earthy magnetism of nature’s metals transformed into elegant fashion.

My girl N was by my side through all of this.  A gal who is up for anything, I knew I could count on her to be my ‘date’ for the evening. And it was she who was the one reminiscing throughout it all. You see N had briefly dated a socialite/wanna-be actor a while back. Their romance was nothing short of a whirlwind after a chance introduction through the showroom of a well-known NY designer. Two crazy kids in lust, the city was their playground and the Tribeca Grand was one of their haunts.

As we entered the bar, we walk past the velvet ropes to where our fellow guests were enjoying one of the 2 complimentary cocktails created just for the night’s event. I helped myself to the vodka and ginger beer concoction. The bar scene was just as thick as the night air, as all of the guests were tucked into the same dark corner of the hotel lounge. There were the fashion kids fresh out of work in their heels and black layered style, inhabitants of the blogosphere snapping away, never missing a moment to capture on camera, and one dapper gentleman who made the effort to fashion himself a turban almost in the style of a traditional Afghan man.

The drinks were strong. N and I thought it would be best to pace ourselves and take a break. We had already been at the venue for an hour and the start of the screening did not seem to be in sight. We took the time to explore the hotel. As we descended the staircase to the hotel’s basement level, N ran her hands over the heavy velvet drapes that covered the walls. She sighed, breathless from memories. ‘We went behind these curtains and made out all night.’ Then while staring at the ground she recounted, ‘I remember how this carpet felt beneath my feet.’ I could tell from her face that these were happy memories, shared with a man who was but one thing to her: the most fun.

We emerged from around the bend of one of the basement’s remote corners to find our fellow attendees filing into the theatre. The start of the movie was near – thank goodness, as I don’t know if another one of those drinks would have been proper. Jules took the stage, introducing the new film and thanking the crowd. With that the film begins. At just over 3 minutes, it’s a macro view of Iceland’s natural beauty then suddenly as if emerging from the interiors of the earth, one lone Bijules ring. It’s gemstones glinting in faint light.

The lights come up in the theatre. I look at N and both of our faces read one thing, ‘Time for a drink!’ We arrive back at the bar only to find the complimentary drinks have since run dry. The bartender was kind enough to offer free beers, but those truly didn’t compare to those vodka, ginger drinks earlier in the evening.  As I am discussing the night’s events with N it becomes apparent that the bartender is hovering almost between us. He interrupts our conversation, looking directly at N and says, ‘You remind me of someone…’ Not one to miss a beat, N responds, ‘Do you know Rogue from X-Men? That’s the look I’m going for.’ They laugh and talk comic books. Before we leave N and the bartender exchange numbers. An interesting twist of fate for a girl who was, just moments before, all wrapped up in the ghosts of boyfriends past.

The film lived up to my aesthetic expectations for the newest brainchild of Jules Kim, the stunning nature photography certainly had me convinced of the beauty of the earth’s natural resources, and no doubt that beauty may be had in a Bijules piece or any adornment fashioned out of earthly materials. Though to name the film ‘Amasia’ denotes a seismic shift, as Amasia is the name of the proposed supercontinent that would be created when the Asian and North American continents collide due to tectonic plate shifting. What exactly are Jules and team asserting here and how does it relate to Bijules and the jewelry industry itself? It’s hard to tell from the less than 4 minutes of film. What I do know is that night I witnessed a personal Amasia of sorts. Of N shifting away from the memories of one boy to the prospects of a new one.

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We Got The Beat : Jesse Boykins

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We Got The Beat : Jesse Boykins

Yes please! Jesse Boykins is one of the smooth kids coming out of the “new” New York. He is bringing back the romance to R&B music, starting up where artists like Maxwell and D’Angelo left off, he is helping to usher in a new movement in soul music. Since age 16, Jesse has been pursuing his musical career when he was selected out of the nation to be 1 of 13 singers in the Grammy Jazz Ensemble. He has studied with classical trainer Kenneth Kamal Scott and soul artist Bilal. In 2008 Jesse entered into the mainstream music scene with his first release Dopamine: My Life On My Back. His first single from that album, Tabloids peaked at #2 on the Billboard Video Monitor and later that year, followed up with The Beauty Created.

In 2010 Jesse was nominated for a Soul Train Award and was tapped by BET to be a part of the Music Matters Campaign. He later went on to headline the worldwide tour, Romantic Movement Tour. Although 2010 was only, well, a year away - Jesse’s sounds and style has evolved a lot! Now working with producer Machine Drum on this 3rd full length release Love Apparatus, we are getting peaks into his new sound. With more world influences and sounds, more eclectic sounds and more sexy lyrics - this is set to be a career defining release. His first single, “B4 the Night is Thru”, showcases his new find style is an way that hits you instantly. When looking back over his body of work, his first two release definitely bring a lot to the table, however his release of remixes and covers show is influences and playfulness.

Jesse says about his music, “I create World Soul that marks moments in time. Each time I introduce new music to my fans I want it to become a defining part of their lives as much as it is a part of mine.”

So what is to come from out cooler than cool crooner? Other than his UK tour dates and the release of Love Appartus, taking over the fashion world with his aw-inspiring style with Street Etiquette.  Hear what this amazing looking young man sounds like by checking out his live performance clip below. To hear more from him and his past records, spend some time on his website, Jesse III Music.

EP06 Jesse Boykins III Pt. 02 from LIVE AT THE LOFT on Vimeo.

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Yours Truly First Saturdays, 6/4

Yours Truly has officially opened up the pearly pink gates for business and if you haven’t been to 1007 Broadway, you are slippin’! Jungle Gym Mag , Ladies’ Lotto and Beauty & the Streets swung by and popped bottles at their swanky opening day soiree.

Wednesday through Saturday 1-8 PM and Sunday 12 - 6 PM, come slip into some scandalous shorts, or cop a Bushwick screen-printed crop top. Babes all over Brooklyn are stopping by and showing love!

And just when you thought it couldn’t get hotter, at Yours Truly are hype to announce Yours Truly First Saturdays. Saturday, June 4th at 3PM they’ll be kicking off their monthly backyard jams with a fashion show and grand opening party. Come check out models decked out in YT’s new line, sip cocktails and dance to the spinning styles of Harukasalt999, DJ Schoolboy and Ben Robey. Photo and video by Vivian Luxx.

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La Perla Sample Sale

La Perla Sample Sale

Since it’s inception three years ago La Perla’s sample sale has become one of the most awaited and popular sample sales of the season.  All merchandise including lingerie, sleepwear, swimwear and ready-to-wear is up to 80% off.  La Perla lingerie is a point of reference for women throughout the world and now is available two times a year at a fraction of the cost. The address for the sample sale is 225 Fifth Avenue ( between 26th and 27th Street ). The sale starts on June 12th and ends June 16th.
The hours are:
Sunday, June 12th
Monday, June 13th - Wednesday, June 15th
Thursday, June 16th

The closest subways are N, R and 6 to 28th Street.
For further information, please call 212.725.5400.

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