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MISS NYFW: Douglas Hannant: Pink S/S 2012

Douglas Hannant: Pink S/S 2012 Presentation

Mostly known for dressing Upper East Side ladies who lunch and those photographed for the society pages, designer Douglas Hannant debuted his first Douglas Hannant: Pink collection for Spring/Summer 2012 at Good Units in the Hudson Hotel. Backed up by the the raucous live music of  The Vandelles, this collection takes a surprising turn at youthful vibrancy and exuberance, that ties together his familiar upper crust aesthetic and embraces an an MTV complexion. The collection is dominated by textures and colors. Bows of all sizes and shapes are paired with flirty lace and silks in delightful combinations that look both buttoned up and young.  Here is where uptown meets downtown.  Some playful prints resembling edgy wallpaper are also interspersed, providing an added edge.  These fashions are ripe and ready to be plucked by wardrobe stylists for Gossip Girl and any other television show or movie about chic, and daring city girls.

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M.I.S.S. NYFW: M. Patmos S/S 2012

M. Patmos S/S 2012 Runway Presentation

M. Patmos S/S 2012 Runway Presentation

Marcia Patmos, designer of  the aptly named M. Patmos line has been making a name for herself as an innovator in luxurious sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion. This versatile, effortless collection was created using methods such as high-tech, zero-waste, whole-garment knitting, producing garments in the United States from locally stocked yarn, and hand knits styles from female artisans in Bolivia and Nepal. Patmos was inspired by the work of contemporary artist Mary Judge and the book The Birth Of Cool: California Art, Design, and Culture at Midcentury, explaining further “I combined the tactile look of mid-century craft design with motifs from Judge’s cement sculptures to create modern and compelling pieces.”

This adaptable and elegant collection is focused on modernity. The casual looks consist of accessible slip dresses and sheaths, slouchy knits, and menswear inspired trousers, cigarette pants, and shorts in pale neutral colors, accented with shimmering silver metallics and shots of citron, gold and blue for color.

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M.I.S.S. NYFW: China Glaze at New York Fashion Week

Richie Rich muliticolor manicure in progress

Once mother nature turns up her thermostat, the fashion rules change. In the winter its all about bags and boots. During the heat waves in the mid-year months a lady’s nails take priority. NYFW provided nail color company China Glaze with its fourth consecutive opportunity to share their high-quality polishes with the world’s fashion elite. China Glaze is one of my personal go-to brands for nail lacquer. They have the vibrant colors any edgy gal would go gaga for and they’re big 3 free. That’s right, no DBP, toluene, or formaldehyde. Say no to toxins!

Tadashi x Innocence

Tadashi was one of the designers to feature CG. He actually has a color of choice. Innocence is a sheer, pale pink shade that allows the beauty of your natural nail to peek through. Tadashi is known for his elegant designs and this polish is the perfect pink to accent his designs. Its just enough color to see without overshadowing the fashions.

Two Ivana Helsinki models all done up

The 1960s mod designs of Ivana Helsinki consisted of velvet, patterned pieces, and those chunky heels we all adore. Hair was all beehived and hair sprayed up. Makeup for the models was more enhanced around the eyes with a coal black mascara and winged eyeliner. Such a dramatic presentation needs no help. To keep focus where she wanted it, Ivana chose a clear nail provided by Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat. The speed of any NYFW show calls for a quick dry nail covering and they chose the right one!

Richie Rich x Midnight Mission

Animated designer Richie Rich is known for his vivid designs and needed a polish able to keep up. The ‘punk’ looks from the runway featured  Midnight Mission with Devotion, Nova, and Solar Flair all layered on the ring finger. The more sophisticated looks were accompanied by Lubu Heels with Passion and Medallion on the ring finger. Oh, don’t think the fellas didn’t partake in the festivities. Male manis had Nova and Devotion layered on four fingers with Liquid Leather on the ring. Fierce!

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M.I.S.S. NYFW: Irina Shabayeva Fall 2011

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M.I.S.S. NYFW: Irina Shabayeva Fall 2011

Irina Shabayeva Fall 2011 at Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week

Irina Shabayeva Fall 2011 at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Irina Shabayeva is only the second Project Winner to ever show on their own at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week after their win. A year ago, she had a very strong showing with an extravagant feathered collection inspired by flight at an off-site official venue, so I was excited to see what else she had in store. Irina continues to do some of what she did best on Project Runway, which were big slouchy “rich bitch in Aspen” type knits. It’s obviously her signature, and something she should stick with because she does it well. While the front of her knits just spill off the body, the backs of them usually display intricate working and woven surprises. This season she also worked with body conscious constructed tube dresses, obnioxious gems, and wildly explosive printed and laser cut chrysanthemums. Read the full story

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M.I.S.S. NYFW: Christian Siriano Fall 2011

Christian Siriano Fall 2011 At Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week

Christian Siriano Fall 2011 At Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week

Christian Sirano, the “ferosh” little pixie we grew to love on Project Runway Season 4 has easily had the most post-show success.  As a contestant, he stood out due to his over the top, avant-garde aesthetic, which he continued to display through his projects with Payless, and his eponymous line. This season, though, it looks like this young designer has tapped a more purified toned down ethic, while still showing some evidence of his former extravagance. Read the full story

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