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Ears to the Street: Camouflage

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Ears to the Street: Camouflage

camouflage trend

Camouflage is a streetwear staple but it every few years it comes to the forefront and becomes full on mainstream. I happen to love camouflage - especially tiger camo - all the time but I love when it becomes trendy because that means you can pretty much find anything your heart desires with the disruptive pattern material on it. Here are some of the more exciting products out there now. Some are traditional jackets, while others are a bit more fun.  Furry camo ear muffs and camo nail wraps anyone?

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Friday Favorites! The Best of MISS Mani Mondays Week 35

We have our roundup of favorites from this week’s #MISSManiMonday, sent to us by our ever-so-loyal followers on Twitter and Facebook. To partake in these Friday festivities, please send a photo of your nails (past or present) to @missomnimedia on Mondays or simply post it on our Facebook wall. Here they are:

MANI INSPIRATION by @naominailsnyc... Divine!!!

Looks like @heartbreakartel had a pretty blue valentine

Nailgasm videographer @Brasspix got her logo done did

Love this shade of red on @Athegrreat

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NAILgasm Documentary on Kickstarter

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NAILgasm Documentary on Kickstarter

With the ever-evolving trends in the nail game, it has come to no surprise that documentarians are starting to take notice of it as an art form. LA-based videographer Ayla Montgomery better known as Brass is taking on a journey to create a documentary based on our love for all things nails did and the talented artists behind the designs we just can’t get enough of.

Expect to see our very own M.I.S.S. mama’s Gabriella and Liz along with interviews from our favorites: WMH Kleur, M.I.S.S. Mani Monday veteran Astrowifey, and DZINE, creator of the book Nailed.

So here are a few reasons to donate:
- we are all about young women artists doing their thang! (nail artists and director alike)
- how cool would it be to have your name in the scrolling credits at the end!
- duhhh, nails did!

So if you’re one to go gaga over a nice set of nails and would love to be part of what I think is a monumental time in the world of nail art, I urge you to drop a dollar or more to help this documentary come to fruition. To learn more about the film, director, or to donate, please visit their fundraiser page on kickstarter.

Want to help with my next documentary? from WhoIsBrass on Vimeo.

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Hello Kitty Hotel Suite Preview

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Hello Kitty Hotel Suite Preview

hello kitty hotel suite
Yesterday, I stopped by Maison 140 in Beverly Hills to check out the new Hello Kitty suite. It is a one-bedroom suite specially designed by Sephora to celebrate their new Hello Kitty Noir Collection. Thinking back on past events Sanrio and Sephora have done, I knew this was going to be big.  So ever since I got word that I’ll be seeing the new suite, I was nothing less than excited - and I was not at all disappointed. Personally as a girl that loves her r & r, a hotel room with nice clean sheets and a bath tub is all I really need for a good time. But one adorned with all things Hello Kitty? This was definitely a winner!

hello kitty hotel suite

Right when I entered the hotel, I was greeted with walls full of Sephora’s Hello Kitty Noir photos and a table full of delicious treats. The overall decor of the hotel was very old Hollywood which tied in perfectly with Sephora’s new line. I especially appreciated their attention to detail as I passed by strategically placed wall signs with Hello Kitty’s face on them. As if I wasn’t excited already, those signs made me even more anxious to see the room.

hello kitty hotel suite

The room itself was decked out with all things Hello Kitty floor to wall. They included collectibles such as hangers, curtains, telephones, and a bed full of exclusive Hello Kitty sheets and covers custom made for this promotion. Sticking with the Hollywood glam theme, the room also had a large vanity table full of mounted lights perfect for getting dolled up with the new Hello Kitty palette (which has really good pigmentation!) and nail polishes.


They also went pretty big on the bathroom decor which had Hello Kitty toiletries to match the wallpaper and shower curtains. It was way too cute and probably my personal favorite part of the suite.

The suite is mostly for the Sephora sweepstakes winners who not only get to stay for a night but also receive an exclusive Hello Kitty robe package and a makeover from a Sephora PRO makeup artist. But due to its popularity, Maison 140 is extending the offer throughout the month of December so that fans can still book a stay and receive a free Hello Kitty Noir eye shadow and lip gloss palette (until supplies last) even if they weren’t picked as winners.  I’d probably try to book the room fast though since I’m sure it will fill up  with it being a perfect gift for the ultimate Hello Kitty lover this holiday season.

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Queens Boutique Launches Online Store

Ever been on the search for cool streetwear boutiques that cater to the ladies but end up disappointed realizing most of them hardly carry any cool women products? So there you are drooling over how nice the men products are and so you settle by copping the smallest size they have in hopes you can make it fit? I have and I’ve grown pretty tired of it.

But finally a boutique by the ladies for us ladies has been born and is making its presence known internationally. Appropriately named, Queens boutique is an urban lifestyle store based in Vancouver that is home to cut and sew and screenprinted women’s clothing, standout accessories, and a full-time nail artist for everyone to get their nails did with their shopping. It’s got the same sass and street attitude as menswear but specifically made for all the around the way girls. For months I have been jealous of all these Canadians looking super fly with their newly copped gear and freshly painted nails until today! Owner Rose Raflores has finally launched an online store for us international fans to get our hands on the goods and just in time for the holidays! It’s about time us queens claim our rightful thrones and do so in the right attire. Can I get an amen?!

Twitter: @crownthequeens
Site: www.crownthequeens.com

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