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What I Want for Christmas…

It’s that time of year again, to go off the rails, pretend that I have a bank account like Beyonce and share, with you the readers, what I would love to unwrap under my fake Christmas tree this year.

Let’s start from the very top - our very own Gabriella wrote about her red Salvatore Ferragamo flats back in June and I’ve been obsessed with them ever since. I made a pact with myself - pay off my Neiman Marcus account so I can buy these beautiful flats. I believe it’s part of the permanent collection so no need to worry about them leaving the premises any time soon. I am of average height - 5’5 and I love wearing stiletto platform heels just as well as ballerina flats. I often love a pop of color to my otherwise dark or neutral outfits. These flats are perfect for any season - summer dresses in hot weather, pencil pants or cropped slacks for work and ankle straight leg jeans for weekends and casual dress down days at the office. I would even pair these with black tights and a denim mini skirt and sweater. The more I talk about these flats the more I want them!

Salvatore Ferragamo Varina Patent Ballerina Flats - $425

Just below G’s flats is a bottle of an unexpected scent I fell for and it only took me three times to try it out. I will admit it was my husband’s vote of approval that really made me fall for this scent - L’Artisan Parfumeur, Dzing! This is not your usual floral, vanilla, citrus or patchouli type of scent. The creator of this scent, Olivia Giacobetti, wanted to evoke memories of a circus. Now before you dismiss me as a crazy lady wanting to smell like dirty zoo animals keep reading. First whiff you get worn leather, like a saddle, right after you get a bit of animalic musk wrapped with a sawdust, woody scent. And as you pull your nose away you get the lingering salty, sweet scent like you ate a block of pink popcorn and cotton candy. Yes, weird but amazingly interesting. I really think everyone should smell this once just to treat your nose to something different and daring. My husband really loves this on me because he’s a wood worker and budding furniture builder - perhaps he secretly wants me to smell like a circus ring leader (see photo of Marlene Dietrich to the right). That sounds much nicer than him secretly wanting me to smell like a zoo.

Dzing! - $145/100mls

Okay this list wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t ask for a dream purse - last year it was a classic Chanel shoulder bag and this year it’s classic Gucci. This Seventies Signature Web tote has all the classic features I have been craving in a Gucci bag. Last year my husband surprised me with a monster Gucci coffee table book and all it did was feed my obsession even more. I love the classic heritage red and green striping on this tote. The chocolate brown is a great neutral and will go with just about everything. The large size of this bag would allow me to carry just about everything I need for a day at work. I bet I could even stuff some light clothes for an afternoon yoga class. Maybe I should consider a smaller size to keep me from accumulating unnecessary junk. Yeah like this is even an issue to debate about considering we are talking about a $2300 tote bag!

Seventies Signature Web Tote - $2290

The chateau looking building is no other than Thomas Keller’s French Laundry restaurant in Yountville, CA. This renowned wine country restaurant is probably on every “Must try this before dying” list published. What makes reservation so sought after is that every day two special 9 course menus are created - chef’s tasting and a vegetable tasting. No single ingredient makes a repeat performance throughout the meal. This is a jacket required type of joint and expect to make reservations way in advance (3-6 months ahead, I’ve heard). My husband is the pickiest eater I have ever come across - I imagine he’d take the Vegetable tasting menu because I doubt he’d suck down any bone marrow or duck liver reduced emulsions even if Mr. Keller paid him. At any rate, I’d bring my foodie girlfriend that doesn’t flinch when paying $20 for a hamburger.

French Laundry, prix fixe menu - $270/person

The very last place is the new Disney Aulani resort in O’ahu, Hawaii. My daughter is 4 and if it were up to her we’d go to Disneyland every vacation. I would assume this could cater to my daughter as well as my husband and me. Activities include scavenger hunts, storytelling, Disney movie nights and of course a host of Disney characters waiting to greet and hug your child or the child in you. After I purchase my Ferragamo flats, I’m definitely going to save up for just two nights at this place - let’s face it, it’ll be a miracle if I could save up for just one night!

Rooms start at $480/night - peak season rate. $399/night - for off-season.

So there you have it - my holiday wishlist for 2012. I’m surprised at myself that the only beauty related item on my wishlist is a bottle of fragrance. I guess it’s a reflection of my growing fragrance hobby. I’m afraid just how much bigger my collection will grow. I think the only thing I could afford to get myself this holiday season is the bottle of Dzing! Well I’m hoping my husband, my Santa, will take my hints seriously and buy it for me this Christmas. I won’t hold my breath on the handbag or dinner at French Laundry.

Aulani resort on the other hand could happen. All I need is to get my daughter to back me up and we can attack him together!

What’s on your Wish list?

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Jennie T
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My Latest Obsession: The Corner Store

Here in San Francisco, our summers occur when the rest of the country is getting ready for Fall. September and October are looked forward to in the same way that others can’t wait for July and August. Since the days are warming up, and because I haven’t written about food in some time, this week, I am obsessing about a new eatery in town called The Corner Store.

Nestled at the intersection of the Laurel Heights, NOPA and Inner Richmond Districts (right off Masonic and Geary). If you’ve ever been to this part of town, you know that it needed some love. People are either here to go to Trader Joe’s, or visit what is quite possibly the saddest Best Buy in California. The Corner Store features classic drinks (fountain and alcholic) and classic American fare. Emphasis on classic. They really aren’t joking about that.

I went for lunch last week, mostly so I could enjoy the ambiance without the larger crowds that are already lining up for dinner, and was impressed with the food. My friend, Lee Ann and I split the Fried Chicken Sandwich and Corner Store Burger. Both were tasty. The chicken wasn’t oversalted and was crispy and moist; the burger was juicy, had housemade bread and butter pickles and bacon jam (I can’t turn down anything bacon). The Fried Green Tomato sandwich also sounds like a winner, but I have a hard time walking away from a good burger (just like not being able to turn down bacon). The burger comes with fries, which are shoestring, plentiful and crispy, while the chicken sandwich comes with a dill potato salad.

The real reason why I was at The Corner Store was to partake in their alcoholic milkshakes, an idea whose time is way past happening, especially here in SF. There are four “Fountain Inspired” drinks: The 50/50 (spiced rum and orange marmalade), The Manhattan (vermouth and cherry syrup), The Grasshopper (creme de menthe and absinthe) and The Flamingo Kid (vodka and lemon soda). My favorite was the 50/50, and I could easily drink these all day. I’m not a fan of black licorice, so The Grasshopper wasn’t totally my cup of tea (although I did have a sip of one, and it’s not that strong). I also had a sip of The Manhattan and it was worth ordering as well (it’s their most popular Fountain Inspired drink, so they are doing something right with it). Be warned - the shakes are not thick like your normal milkshake, and they are on the small side, for the price ($9); however, they are tasty and a great compliment to the food. Also, it would be really difficult not to enjoy an alcoholic milkshake. If you’re not game for that, or are lactose intolerant, the bartenders are quite knowledgeable and can make you something from a pretty extensive list.

The Corner Store is open for lunch and dinner (be advised they are closed from 2:30pm to 5:30pm) and brunch on the weekends. Go enjoy something!

Until next week (and my next obsession)!

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