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Randi Hernandez
M.I.S.S. Music Editor -- Randi Hernandez started writing after she read Roald Dahl’s book The Twits, and no, it had nothing to do with cyber-stalking your friends or remembering to check your @replies. Besides writing an article in the Fall issue (#9) of Missbehave magazine, Randi is a regular contributor at Examiner (www.examiner.com) as one of their NY Music Examiners, and she first started writing for the M.I.S.S. blog for the “Women Making History” series in March during Women’s History Month. Mrs. Hernandez likes cheese, Betty + Veronica Double Digests, and soundtracks produced by the RZA. Her favorite pastime is reading a magazine while listening to a CD, which is pretty unfortunate, because both forms of media seem pretty unpopular to produce nowadays. Her life goals include seeing Michael Jackson in concert and reaching the 200 mark in her Netflix queue.


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