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The Hotstepper
M.I.S.S. Managing Editor The Hotstepper is a woman of many talents, with many projects and a number of aliases. She is a part-time DJ, sometimes photographer, half-time show stopper, and full-time fashion bug. A native New Yorker through and through, she’s been exposed to lots of good stuff, but like U2, still has not found what she is looking for. She cannot drive but loves road trips, and is right-left dyslexic but has an inner compass that always leads her in the right direction. She tastes flavors differently than 75% of the human population, and that’s definitely a good thing, being that flavor - much like variety, is the spice of life. Sometime during junior high school Lil' Hotstepper came to the conclusion that beautiful is boring, and that whimsy is the way, and she's basically been blowing people’s minds ever since.


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