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Jennie T is a native Californian who calls San Francisco home and dreams of living abroad to personally absorb the culture and fashion of the world’s most fashionable cities. She has been writing since her tween years when a poetry contest sparked a lifelong love of words, and became interested in fashion when her older sister handed down her Fashion Plates toy when she was little. Since then, she’s had an obsession with accessories, shoes, fabrics and finding the perfect pair (or five) of jeans. When she’s not busy writing, reading, developing brands for corporate America, catching the latest flick or tracking concerts she needs to attend, Jennie T can be found searching for the perfect cup of coffee, geeking out to all things comic-related and trying to figure out ways to get more shoes into her closet. In addition to writing for MISS, Jennie T contributes to the @U2 and TheFlickcast websites. Follow Jennie T on Twitter. Links: http://atu2.com www.theflickcast.com Twitter: @jenniwren08


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