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Eileen, a.k.a. The Sneakerette, is a university student from sunny SoCal, currently studying towards a career in pharmaceuticals. To simply describe Eileen, she is like a rainbow, living life effervescently and bringing color to everything she does and dons. From her makeup to her track jackets to her nails to her kicks, you would swear she was competing with the visible light spectrum for attention. However, her attire would only pale in comparison to her bubbly personality which is filled with quirky, illogical logic and crazy, fumbling aphorisms that leave some befuddled or mesmerized, following her contagious laughter. In addition to her love of makeup, nails, and sneakers, Eileen is deeply immersed in her love of cars and photography. All in all, Eileen’s unique sense of style and vigor for life crystallizes the phrase “in yo face!”


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