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Baller on a Budget: Top 10 under $10

Halloween is right around the corner and then Thanksgiving. As soon as you know it, you are scurrying around to find deals for holiday gift exchange. If you are like me, you need to start budgeting now! That’s why I rely on a few of my favorite drugstore/budget staples to keep my wallet in one piece, I also shop my current cosmetic stash to keep me from the Sephora counters!

In no particular order, I give my Top 10 under $10:

10 under $10


1. Batiste dry shampoo, Blush scent. Price varies per store that carries the brand. I bought mine at Walgreens where the full size bottle (6.73 fl) retails for $8.29/USD and the On the Go purse sized version (1.6 fl) retails for $3.99/USD. I love this brand because it sops up the sweat and grease that my have resulted from heavy duty lunch time boot camp workout sessions. Shake vigorously and do not spray directly in the roots. Spray about inches away from scalp. If you have dark hair like me, you may experience some white residue but it quickly dissipates once you rake your fingers through your hair. My hair feels clean and it leaves a fresh floral scent to my hair. I have the purse sized version to keep in my bag at all times.

2. Aveeno Continuos Sun Block, SPF 30. Sadly, this has been discontinued. I appologize for the oversight. I loved this moisturizer because it hydrated nicely, was unscented and never made me break out since I layered this on top of my serum and under another moisturizer and primer. It retailed for 9.99/USD. Again, apologies for the oversight. I am currently using Neutrogena Clean Face Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 30. I like this one but it does have that slight sunscreen scent and falls over the $10 price point.

3. Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1. I have written about my love for this lip balm. It has yet to fail me. I love coating my lips with a thick layer before going to bed and right after a shower. I wake up with soft lips and they are ready to be coated with lipstick and gloss for the rest of the day. The unscented version retails for $7/USD and the scented (what I always use) goes for $9/USD. Cranberry is a great scent for the holiday season. My go-to’s are coconut and pear.

4. Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover. I have tried the store brand versions,as well as pricey department store removers, and it still doesn’t hold a candle to the Neutrogena formula but it comes very close! This unscented liquid takes off my stubborn eye liners and mascara. I don’t use waterproof formulas so I can’t honestly attest to ease of removing waterproof mascaras. It does feel a bit oily, even after a good shake but it really does the job for me just as good if not better than a pricier version. I have tried the wipes and I still prefer the liquid version with a good ol’ cotton ball. This doesn’t sting my eyes, nor do I have to pull or tug at my delicate eye area to remove my eye makeup. It also dissolves my lipstick just as easily. This retails for $7.99/USD (5.5 fl oz).

5. Red Cherry false eye lashes. Fake lashes really run the gamut from $1.99 at a dollar store to over $25 for fancy 100% mink lashes. If you aren’t in the market for falsies that Beyonce and JLo sport then check out Red Cherry falsies. They are made of human hair and hold up really well. You can get them in a pack  of 3 through Amazon under $6/USD and for you can find them sold by itself for about $2.19/USD. Um….sold! I learned about these from a friend that’s a freelance makeup artist. She does photo shoots and weddings galore - she swears by these. Okay…I’m really sold! I used a pair for three wearings. I could stretch it for a fourth time but I think I’ll buy a new pair and for that price, I don’t feel guilty! The only thing I hate is that I have never seen these in a store, you have to order them online. I got mine as a gift but I’m planning to order a set through Amazon.

6. Clear Eyes eye drops. Yes, eye drops are part of my beauty arsenal. Not glamorous but the quickest way to wake up my eyes at 5:45 AM when I get out of my shower and start getting ready for work. I suffer from yearlong allergies, sucks, and this helps relieve itchy, red eyes. Nothing worse than red zombie eyes to compete with your safe for work, smoky eyes! This retails for $6.99/USD. I always make sure I have this on my bathroom counter and also in my travel makeup pouch.

7. Wet n’Wild Color Icon Collection single eye shadow, Nutty. This has great buttery, softness to the touch. The biggest surprise is the pigment and staying power - full eight hours on top of a good lid primer. Nutty is a beautiful, soft satin finish taupe. It’s a great one pan wonder for the mornings when you barely have time to coat your lashes with a layer of mascara. This beautiful neutral shadow retails for $1.99/USD. Yes, you need this!

8. Essie Nail Polish. I really don’t need to go into the details of how awesome this polish is. I can’t really pick my favorite shade, that’s a bit Sophie’s Choice cruel but I will say there’s no nude pink shade like Mademoiselle for me!

9. Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss. Easily my favorite brand (drugstore) when it comes to gloss. This packs great amount of pigment, light sweet scent and keeps my lips soft. I usually stock up on these when they go on sale at Walgreens or Target. I’ll be sporting Bordeaux soon since I am beginning to feel the sharp chill of winter coming soon. Yes, I know that was very Game of Thrones of me. Retails for $7.99/USD.

10. L’Oreal Voluminous Smoldering Eye liner. I recently reviewed this liner and I still stand by it. I like that the grey I own is a deep charcoal and not a light grey. It smudges beautifully and stays on pretty impressively, especially along my bottom water lines. It comes off easily with a good makeup remover (see above). I need to own it in black. Retails for $9.49/USD.

These aren’t earth shattering products but they are part of arsenal that I replenish often. I know I sometimes report on pricey cosmetic and skincare but honestly I’m a high-low kinda of gal!

What are some of your favorite items under $10? I love to learn more about cost efficient products that I often miss.


Prices varies depending on the individual stores that sells these items.

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  1. Rach says:

    You can find Red Cherry lashes at the “ghetto” beauty supply stores. Not Sally’s, but the ones run by the Koreans at any urban city.

  2. Thanks - good to know!


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