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Return of the Love: Reebok Classic x Melody Ehsani Launch Party

Return of the Love: Melody Ehsani x Reebok
Last Friday marked the launch of Reebok Classic and Melody Ehsani’s second sneaker collaboration piece. To celebrate, they had a night of drinks, complimentary nail art, and a live performance by hip hop legend Doug E. Fresh to accompany the sneaker-filled storefront.

Return of the Love: Melody Ehsani x Reebok
Not to be outshined by its predecessor, M.E. made sure these made a bold statement, and if anything close to her last sneaker design, is bound to sell out. She notes that these metallic sneakers are like jewelry; a type of accessory that can work with any outfit be it a black lace dress (like what she was wearing) or denim cutoffs and a tee. The best part about the sneakers she notes is how multifaceted they are and how they do not need to be dressed in a particular way, rather, she loves how different types of girls can wear them to suit their own individuality.

Return of the Love: Melody Ehsani x Reebok
Ehsani stuck with her previous aesthetic of using python printed leather which to her is another strong animal worth paying dues to but not as commonly used as say, leopard or zebra print. To change it up, M.E. used a metallic gold upper embedded with the word “love” across the toes and stud accents all around the back.

Return of the Love: Melody Ehsani x Reebok
The best part about this shoe is the love Melody put into it noted through her philanthropy work. She told us how as part of the Betwixt program, Reebok selected one female designer in each continent. As an ode for the opportunity given to her and the other women, she wanted to empower young girls by donating her designer fee to an all girls school in South Africa. So in case the design itself doesn’t move you enough to get on these sneakers (I surely don’t know how it could not), feel good knowing the eye and heart behind the design has shared her earnings to help the less fortunate.

Melody also notes the signing of a 4 sneaker contract with Reebok for the upcoming year starting with a shoe to be released in February. When asked what to expect in her design, she mentions that the cliche Valentine’s colorway will surprisingly not be one of them. At the rate that she’s going, Melody is bound to make some more heavy hitting sneakers worth collecting. It’s definitely time to break open that piggy bank.

Photos edited by PhayMiss

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