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Reel Reviews: “Instagram is…”

I am someone who believes that social media has magical powers. I know some people believe it makes us all less sociable and that’s true sometimes. But only if you use it for evil.

In fact, I think social media brings the faraway closer to you. It brings different perspectives. I get happy whenever my friends in other cities post their adventures on Instagram. It’s amazing how a little snapshot, taken just moments ago, can make you feel connected to someone at the same time that it reminds you how much you miss them.

Instragram is also a way of reminding me how much I admire the vision and creativity of my friends. I like learning about what captures other people’s attention. And when you truly break it down, Instagram is all about POV and bridging the gap of distances, not creating more space between us. It’s an ideal platform for a visual discussions.

This little film directed by Paul Tellefsen highlights some famous Instagramers and the journeys they took using the program. (Best believe I started following a lot of these people after watching this.) I’ll admit that the movie sometimes comes off as one big ad campaign for Instagram but it also inspires and informs you about how something as silly or tiny as an app can touch millions.

One could see Instagram as just a tool to share photos (or for stupid things like #selfies) but to people like Allison (@allistrange) and Brenton (@brenton_clarke) it’s more about connection, sharing, art, and being amazed at all the friends you can make.

And if a picture is worth a 1,000 words, then let’s start talking.

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