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Nuvo Nail Bar Hosted by Melody Ehsani


Sparkling Nuvo is teaming up with successful female entrepreneurs to create one of a kind events for their fan base. So when creating a nail bar, who best to join forces with other than  jewelry designer and nails did aficionado Melody Ehsani? Nobody! *Keith Sweat voice*

We were beyond ecstatic when Nuvo extended an invitation to us. I mean, who doesn’t want to get pampered with cocktails, desserts, and free nail art? They created a two-day event for their LA crowd, one catered to celebrities and press and another for the fans. They also plan to bring the whole experience to NY this weekend.


Custom nail wraps specifically designed for the event. Melody Ehsani was inspired by the celestial feel the Nuvo bottles gave off. She then of course added her signature bold linework and diamond imagery reminiscent of her cage diamond series to the wraps.

We caught up with Melody Ehsani to view her newest release of nail wraps with brand NCLA and discuss her upcoming projects.  Melody gave us the inside scoop about her cut and sew line to be released this coming Fall as well as welcoming the ladies of Kleur to their nail bar with Candypaint in the upcoming months. Stay tuned for details.


Many thanks to Nuvo and Melody Ehsani for the invite and the amazing gift. Can’t wait to dress my nails up again with these nail wraps and sport my custom ring!

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