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Nails Did: M.I.S.S. Nails Did Gift Guide

The world of nail art has come a long way from your traditional red lacquer or french tip to now having the movement documented and sported on other parts of your body aside from your nails. This year has been particularly all about nail art and so we made a round up of the must haves just in time for the holidays.

NAILgasm DVD: Earlier this year, we talked about the making of a nail art documentary raising funds on Kickstarter. Fast forward to present time and this baby is about to air in about a week. The DVD includes interviews from top nail artists and nail enthusiasts from around world. To purchase, visit

Tipsy Zine Issue 1: Chicago based artist Astrowifey and nail blogger Isis Nicole partnered up to create an indie-lifestyle nail art magazine. We’re talking features of the hottest nail artists, quizzes, shopper’s guide, and a personalized mixtape to jam to while flipping through the pages. This is like an upgraded version of those teeny-bopper magazines we used to rip pages out of and post on our walls as teenagers.

Also notable are the WAH Nails Book of Nail Art  and Dzine’s Nailed book available for purchase on the Standard website.

Nail Jerks x Cubannie Links Metal File necklace: Created by California based nail artist Lila Robles and jewelry brand Cubannie Links, the metal nail file necklace is a functional take on accessories. Their collection includes a metal emery board charm necklace and pair of earrings.

Go Hard in the Nail Paint tee is also a product of artist Astrowifey, creator of Tipsyzine. Clawmoney‘s Printed Paw tee available in white and gray. And Nail Tite a Philly-based nail art service also caters to the fashion forward with their Ombre Chambray Hands button up and Tribe hat.

And for the ladies who just want to dress up their nails, you can never go wrong with the latest shades and wraps from our favorites brands. Pictured are OPI The Man With the Golden Gun (an 18kt gold leaf nail polish off the Skyfall collection), Sephora X The Toppers in Chaotic (give a graffiti splatter effect in black and white confetti), NCLA Glitz Holiday Gift Set (glitter polish set of rose gold, purple, and silver multi-color flakes), Ritz Holiday Gift Set (metallic polish set of slate gray, midnight blue, and pink metallic sparkles), and their nail wraps in I Am Your Muse and Room Service.

Images by Phaymisscla

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