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Hello Kitty x KISS, Chia Pets and POP Phone!

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If you know me, then you know that I love Hello Kitty (and I’m passing that love down to my Tiny Dancer). And chances are, you love, or know someone that loves the cutest Kitty of all. Sanrio is releasing a bunch of new product just in time for the holidays - so you can treat your friends and family - or yourself!

Hello Kitty x KISS Tote Bag

The Hello Kitty x KISS collection is one of the most fun Hello Kitty collaborations I’ve seen. The juxtaposition of Hello Kitty’s cuteness with Kiss’s glam rock aesthetic is too cute. The Hello Kitty x KISS collection includes bags, jewelry, stationery, plush and of course, t-shirts. The KISS x Hello Kitty collection is available at and the suggested retail price for the KISS x Hello Kitty tote is $65.

Hello Kitty Chia Pet

That’s what I thought until I saw the Hello Kitty Chia Pet. I grew up in the golden era of Chia Pets and loved seeing the commercials of the original styles (Chia Head was my favorite). I never thought I’d see a Hello Kitty Chia pet but all the times I’ve been tempted to buy one, I may just have to now. Every time I see Hello Kitty with that green chia afro I start to giggle. The Hello Kitty Chia Pet is available at as well as select retail and drugstores and the suggested retail price is $17.99.

Sanrio Funko Vinyl Figures

If you like to collect vinyl figures, or know someone who does then you know not to call them toys! There are seven different Sanrio characters: Hello Kitty, Keroppi, Tuxedosam, My Melody, Chococat, Badtz-Maru and Chi Chai Monchan! The Funko Sanrio Figures are available at and the suggested retail price is $9.99.

Helly Kitty Pop Phone Native Union

I saved my very favorite item for last - the Hello Kitty POP Phone. Sanrio was nice enough to send me my very own POP phone and I LOVE it. I’ve been wanting to get a POP phone because I have an iPhone and whenever I try to free up my hands and lean the phone on my shoulder I end up hanging up on people with my face because of the touch screen. I never got around to getting a POP Phone but when I saw the Hello Kitty POP Phone I knew it had to be mine! I love using it and I never hang up on anyone by accident anymore. That and I have the cutest phone EVER! The Hello Kitty POP Phones are available at and the suggested retail price is $39.99.

All of the items are available October/November thru the holidays and would be great in a stocking, under a tree, as one of eight gifts or a treat for yourself. Get your wishlists ready!

All images from Sanrio except as noted.

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