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She’s Crafty: DIY Cut-out Shoulder Shirt

Shoulder cutouts are a trendy twist to the versatile button up shirts. Here’s how to achieve that look for less.

Things I used:
An old long sleeve shirt
Chalk, pen or marker
Hem tape (optional)

1. Wear the shirt. Starting with one shoulder, make 2 marks where you want the cutout to start and end. For mine I started at about 2 inches in from the shoulder and about 3 inches down. Draw a half of an oval to connect the marks to make your cutting guide.

2. Cut it out! Make sure to try it on after you cut to make sure it looks right. If you would like the hole to be bigger, trim more material off following around the oval shape you drew earlier.

3. Once the cutout is at the size that you like, fold the shirt in half and cut the other shoulder off to make both sides even.

4. This is not necessary but if you’d like to better prevent fraying, you can hem the edges in with hem tape. Or if you’re feeling extra crafty, you can bust out the sewing machine and go to work!

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