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M.I.S.S. Techcessories - Introducing The Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III

Third time's the charm with the Samsung Galaxy S III

The immensely popular Samsung Galaxy S II is finally seeing a proper successor with the introduction of the Galaxy S III.  For the sequel to one of the world’s most beloved Android phones, Samsung focused less on creating a revolutionary new design, and instead focused their energy on creating a better user interface.  Outwardly the phone looks like an amalgamation of previous Galaxy phones, with heavy design cues taken from the more recent Samsung Galaxy Nexus developed in collaboration with Google.  There’s a new 4.8 inch HD Super AMOLED screen with a 1280 x 720 resolution, a 1.9 megapixel camera on the front of the phone, and an 8 megapixel one in the back.  As far as size is concerned, it weighs about 133 grams ans is pretty svelte at only 8.66 millimeters thick at it’s thicket point.

It’s pretty standard stuff, but like I said, most of the improvements have been done under the hood.  For starters the Galaxy S III features Samsung’s new 1.4GHz Exynos 4 Quad processor and 1 GB of RAM.  They’re both needed to power Samsung’s TouchWiz version of Android 4.0.  The updated software allows for a number of features new to Samsung’s line of Galaxy phones.  You can find one of your contacts and simply raise the phone to your ear to make a call.  Tapping and holding down on the phone’s screen while rotating it sideways will enable camera mode.  Looking at the phone will turn the screen on, while not looking at it will shut it off.  In addition to these context based gestures, there’s also S Voice, which allows you to control the phone using Siri like voice command software, S Beam, which allows you to share files with other Galaxy S IIIs using near field communication (NFC), and AllShare Play and AllShare Cast, which allows you to stream your  phone’s media or display to a TV screen respectively.

The Galaxy S III will be available across Europe starting at the end of this month, with the rest of the world (including the US of A) expected to receive shipments throughout the summer.  No word yet on price or availability, but if I had to speculate I’d say everyone and their third cousin once removed on their father’s side should be able to get their hands on one.

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