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“The Great Gatsby” Trailer

I can’t wait to see this. I don’t like re-reading books but watching this trailer made me want to read this again because it’s been so long since I read The Great Gatsby. The 1920s are one of my favorite periods in fashion and design and this movie looks like it will not disappoint in the aesthetic department. I recently cut my hair into a bob but seeing those super-short bobs makes me want to go even shorter! Bring on the 1920s-inspired fashions! Are you as excited about this as I am??

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Celebrity Style: Collar Necklaces

Collar necklaces were all the rage for Resort 2012 collections, from Louis Vuitton to Lanvin and Oscar de la Renta. You can never have enough accessories. These necklaces can take your outfit from drab to fab in seconds. It’s really amazing how jewelry can change an entire look. I’m loving the Cleopatra type of necklaces I’ve been seeing everywhere. They give a woman a sense of elegance and style. Definitely need a few of these this summer!

A. Dimpled Bib Necklace $9.80
B. Multi Layer Sea Beads Necklace $10.00
C. Plastic Spike Collar Necklace $13.05
D. Hammered Choker Necklace $15.00
E. Hologram Necklace $44.00
F. Crescent Collar Necklace $125.00

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Lila Robles
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Nails Did Interview: Chippy Nonstops’ “Kicked Out Da Club”

With the new release of Global School of Twerk, Chippy Nonstop has been a viral sensation. Chippy has strongly taken a hold of the Twitter game and catching the attention of some big names. She has just released her new video for her song “Kicked out da Club” & I aka “NAILJERKS” was asked to be the nail stylist for the video!

Being asked to style the nails for her music video was a lot of fun! With her direction I created nails that captured the aesthetic she was going for MONEY NAILS.

After this whole experience I love what Chippy Nonstop is doing and of course her love for the nail game. I had a couple questions for Chippy Nonstop and what her thoughts were on nails….

I LOVE nails! But I rarely have them partly because I’m broke. And partly because I work with my hands a lot at school, so I can’t have them. But I love them so much. I wish they were a part of my personal brand.

Yeah, for sure. A lot of girls have been having really dope nails lately. I really like the new trend of having really pointy chola nails.

Do you like getting your Nails Did?

Yeah, It’s relaxing. And They make you like 100% more classy. lol

Why did you want Nails Did for your Kicked out da Club video?

I feel like nails really complete a look. Having my nails done for kicked out da club completely the look to the fullest degree =)


.. If you a fly gal get your nails done Get a pedicure, get your hair did ! ;-)


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Alexis Dayers
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Peel Away the Day: Joey New York Quick Results Peel-Off Masque

Back in grade school, I loved arts and crafts. I didn’t  just express my artistic creativity through Popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners and construction paper but through Elmer’s Glue. I loved pouring  a thin layer all over my fingers and then I’d gross out my classmates by slowing peeling it off when it dried.

This explains my fascination with peel off masques today. I am still working on how to peel it off in one big piece. I think I found the product that will bring me success.

Joey New York Quick Results Peel-Off Masque

Back in the 90′s, skincare expert Joey Chancis launched Joey New York . She created a cult following with products like Super Duper Lips (lip plumper) and Egg Cream Instant Face Lifting and Contouring Treatment. Joey New York was always featured in editorials of popular magazines such as this one back in the day:

How I miss Jane magazine

This time Joey taps into a current trend by infusing nature’s most healing and soothing ingredient into her revamped collection: coconut water. Known for it’s hydrating, nourishing and replenishing benefits, coconut water is the drink of choice for the active and health conscious folk every where. Utilizing the latest technology, Joey New York taps the unparalleled benefits of young, tender green coconut water formula. Rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins, this tropical water is just as beneficial for the skin as it is internally for the body. It also promotes a more youthful glow.

Sounds like a winning combination for skincare!

The collection consists of six products: Bye Bye Blackheads, Correct A-Line for Face and Eyes, Day Gel and Night Cream Eye Duo, Keep it Up, Line Up and the Peel-off Masque. Prices range from just $28-$44/USD.

I went with the peel masque ($32/USD). I am a sucker for masques, they make me feel luxurious and I get lots of satisfaction if I get to peel it off of my face versus wiping it away with a warm wash cloth.

Ingredients are as follows:

Water, Cocus Nucifera (coconut) Water, Withania Somnifera, (Indian Ginseng) extract, SDA alcohol #40, Polyvinyl Alcohol Copopolymer, Propylene Glycol, Polysorbate 20, PVP, Xanthan Gum, Tocopherol, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin.

What’s not in this masque: parabens, phthalates or sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates.

So how did it work for me? The first night I tried it, I had a few bumps on my face and I knew for sure it would be zit city around my nose due to stress and hormonal fluctuation. I first used this on a Monday night. I apply a medium thick layer on my face - it has bit of a sticky, tacky consistency. I wait about ten minutes and then I start peeling - starting from jawline and worked my way up. I wasn’t successful getting it off in one continuous motion so I need to work on applying an even layer on my face. My skin does feel a bit tighter immediately after I remove the masque entirely. Not sure if it’s from the face tightening properties of the masque or if it’s just because that’s usually how my dry skin feels right after I rinse my face. The next day, however, my skin felt smooth and looked bump free! I try this again on Wednesday and by Thursday morning my skin still looked even and irritated free.

Recommended use is once or twice a week. With regular use, I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to see a noticeable difference in clarity and glow. Because I have super sensitive (eczema proned) skin, I’ll use this just once a week. I’m impressed with the results so far so I’m happy to include this in my nightly cleansing routine.

This may make you more sun sensitive, so please do remember to use your SPF during the day!

Joey New York is currently working on their website, but currently check for more information. This masque was sent to me by the company for consideration. I was so impressed that I’m looking into more items in this collection.

Products are currently available on, and even


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Ron Simms Jr.
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M.I.S.S. Techcessories - Keith Haring x Colors Tokyo Chaos Macbook Sleeve

Keith Haring x Colors Tokyo

Protect your MacBook with this funky sleeve from Colors Tokyo

Move over, Andy Warhol.  It’s time for another famous, deceased pop artist to shine: Keith Haring!

Haring may have passed away 22 years ago, but his artwork has stood the test of time.  His simple yet expressive figures have adorned everything from walls and canvases (naturally) to watches, t-shirts, and coffee machines.  Now they’re being plastered all over this Chaos MacBook Sleeve from Japanese brand Colors Tokyo.  Obviously it comes in white and sports a bunch of Haring’s colorful figures gettin’ jiggy wit’ it.  What you don’t see, however, is the black, fur lined inside that is meant to keep your MacBook both snuggly and protected from drops (whether accidental or not) or banging around in a bag.  There are also rubberized zip heads featuring both Colors and Keith Haring’s logos.

The Chaos MacBook Sleeve comes in 13 inch and 15 inch flavors and is available now at New York’s Reed Space both in-store and online for $75.


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