M.I.S.S. Beauty Tip of the Week: Managing Your Makeup

It was brought to my attention earlier this week by one of my friends that not everyone realizes the fact that cosmetics come with expiration dates (at least this was the case for her). In other words, that tube of lipstick you only use on special occasions and has been sitting in the bottom of your makeup bag for a couple of years now — it’s time to toss it!

It would be a perfect world if the lifespan of a tube of mascara was endless and you never had to replace your cosmetics but, that’s far from the truth. By saving makeup that is past its prime, you’re not only doing a disservice to the original quality of the product but you’re risking your health by making your body susceptible to harmful bacteria.

Luckily, I will break down some of the most commonly used products and their average life expectancies below. I find it very helpful to label the date of the product purchase on the bottom of the container for future reference. If all else fails, do an old fashioned smell test. If the product in question smells funny then toss it and always remember to tightly close all products!

  • Foundations = 3-6 months
  • Concealers with wand applicators = 6 months
  • Compact concealers = 12 months
  • Powder cosmetics (blush, eyeshadow, etc.) = 1 year (throw out after an eye infection)
  • Lipgloss/Lipstick = 1 year
  • Mascara = 3 months (never share with others)
  • Eye/Lip Pencils = 1 year
  • Organic Cosmetics = 1 year

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One Response to “M.I.S.S. Beauty Tip of the Week: Managing Your Makeup”

  1. Jane says:

    Good to know! I did not realize how quickly make-up expires. Now on my to-do list is to go through all of my make-up and see what is past its prime.


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