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Friday Favorites! The Best of MISS Mani Mondays Week 38

We have our roundup of favorites from this week’s #MISSManiMonday, sent to us by our ever-so-loyal followers on Twitter and Facebook. To partake in these Friday festivities, please send a photo of your nails (past or present) to@missomnimedia on Mondays or simply post it on our Facebook wall. Here they are:

@Layidua ‘s Mix and Match set


@ohhaiblizzy ‘s tribal overload by @ToutEstBombe

@maylenewould ‘s shimmering leopard print


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Sephora + Pantone Universe Tangerine Tango Collection

Sephora + Pantone Universe Tangerine Tango Collection

Sephora + Pantone Universe Tangerine Tango Collection

Sephora has teamed up with Pantone Universe, the leading international color authority to create a capsule collection inspired by Tangerine Tango, the 2012 color of the year. I’m really excited about this because I’ve had Pantone Universe nail polish on my list of dream collaborations. I wanted to do it myself but I don’t make nail polish :)

I’m glad that Sephora finally stepped up and made this clever idea into a reality. The Sephora + Pantone Universe Tangerine Tango collection features lipstick, lipgloss, eyelines, eyeshadows, blush, nail polish plus tools and accessories. You can purchase the collection on or in Sephora stores.

If you’re in NY, check out the pop up shop in the Meatpacking District and see how to wear the Tangerine Tango collection below…

Sephora + Pantone Universe Pop-up Shop Presents, “Tangerine” from on Vimeo.

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Fashion Meets Music: Rye Rye “Boom Boom”

Rye Rye’s long awaited album will be out on May 15th and until then we have “Boom Boom” to keep us occupied.  It’s obvious from the look of the video that Rye Rye is MIA’s protégé - the bright colors, punchy graphics and trippy collages are all MIA hallmarks.  Boom Boom features Rye Rye as three personas as she fights herself in different rounds of what looks like an old school arcade game - that and she rides a magic carpet and a dolphin.  But while all this craziness is happening in the background, I can’t seem to take my eyes off of Rye Rye’s outfits (or her dancing for that matter).

Here’s how to get two of Rye Rye’s looks - for the first look I went with my own color palette of black and gold because these looks are meant to inspire, no? You don’t need to keep to the exact palette to achieve a cool look. For the second look I went with a literal interpretation and stuck to bold brights.  So here’s to you channeling Rye Rye…

rye rey boom boom fashion

rye rey boom boom fashion

Oh, and if the song sounds familiar, it relies heavily on the Vengaboys’ Boom Boom Boom Boom - but if you’re my age, it’s actually reminiscent of Paul Lekai’s version. Both below for your reminiscing pleasure.

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She’s Crafty: DIY Pearl and Lace Collars

DIY lace collar

DIY Lace Collar worn with KARL by Karl Lagerfeld brooch

Collars are huge for spring and I was inspired by the KARL by Karl Lagerfeld collection to make some of my own. Starting at over $100 a pop they can get pretty pricey but you can make your own for about $10 each. Be forewarned, I’m short on time and I know everyone doesn’t have or know how to use a sewing machine so I tried to find the easiest way possible to make these collars.

diy lace collar

Tools you'll need to make the DIY Lace Collar

DIY Lace Collar Tools:
Collared shirt (I got mine for $3 at a thrift store)
Lace (or fabric of your choosing)
Double-sided Fusible Tape

1. With a scissor cut the collar off the shirt - be sure to not cut off the stand - the back part of the collar that rests against your neck. Try to cut as close to the seam as possible. If you have a sewing machine you can un-stitch the collar off and then sew the seam closed.

2. Using the collar as a pattern, cut the fabric based on the shape of your collar. Be sure to leave extra fabric on the sides where you will wrap fabric around the back of the collar. You don’t have to cover the entire underside of the collar but you can. It you opt not to then try the collar on before you cut the fabric so you are sure of the areas that are visible when worn.

3. Each brand of tape may have different instructions so go by what is listed with the product you choose. According to the tape instructions, apply the tap and fabric to the collar to all of the areas of the collar that are visible when worn.

That’s it!

DIY Pearl Collar

DIY Pearl Collar worn with vintage bow tie

DIY Lace Collar Tools:
Collared shirt (I got mine for $3 at a thrift store)
Embellishing Glue

1. With a scissor cut the collar off the shirt - be sure to not cut off the stand - the back part of the collar that rests against your neck. Try to cut as close to the seam as possible. If you have a sewing machine you can un-stitch the collar off and then sew the seam closed.

2.  If you have lots of time on your hands and are crafty with a needle and thread, the best way to apply the pearls is by sewing each one on individually.  If you have no time for that, then just simply apply glue to the collar and then place the pearls on the glue.  Go in small sections so the glue doesn’t start drying before you get the pearls on the collar.  Let the collar dry according to the glue instructions.

That’s it!

diy pearl collar

Tools you'll need to make the DIY Pearl Collar

I hope you get inspired to make your own - all you have to do is choose a collar shape that you like and your favorite embellishment (beads? feathers? rhinestones? faux fur? sequins?) and go to town. Have fun getting crafty!

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Women Making History: Alexandra Wilkis Wilson

Entrepreneur and Harvard Business School grad Alexandra Wilkis Wilson co-founded fashion site Gilt Groupe with her best friend, Alexis Maybank. The pair have a book coming out this spring, By Invitation Only, about entrepreneurship and how they built their business. We got to learn more about the woman behind the members-only luxury sale site in our interview:

What woman, besides your mom or grandmother, do you find inspirational?

Since I can’t say my mom or my grandmother, then I will say Oprah Winfrey!

Before founding Gilt Groupe you worked with managing retail operations at Bulgari and Louis Vuitton.  How did you make the transition to e-commerce?

What was really more of a transition was going from working for companies that were established with globally recognizable brands to going to a 5 person start up team and building a brand from scratch! The transition from the brick and mortar world to the e-commerce world wasn’t that much of a challenge comparatively.  The vast majority of our merchants at Gilt have made that transition seamlessly.

New flash-sale sites are being developed constantly but Gilt was the first one I was aware of.  How did the idea for Gilt come about?

Alexis and I regularly discussed working together when we were classmates and best of friends at Harvard Business School. We saw Gilt as a way to bring the New York invitation only sample sale phenomenon ”on the road” via the Internet, making what was once only accessible to New Yorkers, available to the whole country, and now that we ship internationally, we can bring this to the world. Our founding Gilt team includes five co-founders - we each continue to be very involved in the business everyday! We are continuously working to improve Gilt and bring our members more and more brands and features.

How did you know you were ready to launch your own project?

The timing was right for me on a personal level. I had just gotten married and felt like it was a good time to take the entrepreneurial plunge! The concept was good, the timing was great and our founding team was top notch.

Gilt has grown from women’s fashion and now includes men’s, children’s, home, cuisine, travel and local experiences.  What’s next on the horizon for Gilt?

This year, we expanded our company to also include Gilt Taste – our online magazine and market for food and wine lovers; we relaunched the Home site; and we started shipping internationally to over 90 countries. Alexis and I have just written a book together called “By Invitation Only” which is about entrepreneurship and how we built Gilt Groupe. The book will be published in the spring.

What’s your favorite project that you’ve worked on?

This is a tough question as when I get involved in a project, I tend to love it, get involved 200% and throw myself in headfirst! I must say however, that no project compares with the excitement and adrenaline rush of launching Gilt in November 2007.

Who do you want to work with?

People who can teach me things that I do not know and that I want to learn.

What part of being an entrepreneur is the most challenging and do you dislike the most?

As an entrepreneur, you are always working. There is no true “off” switch. But I have gotten used to this and it works for me.

Any advice for ladies who want to start their own business?

Go for it! Ideas are a dime a dozen, it’s all about the execution. Take calculated risks. Focus on relationships. Our book “By Invitation Only” outlines many of our suggestions for entrepreneurs (both male and female) and shares lessons we have learned along the way.

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