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Blogger PROJECT: Melissa Shoes

At MISS we’re huge fans of Melissa shoes and their in-line styles and collaborations keep getting better and better.  If the shoes couldn’t get any better, all of the women’s shoes are now infused with tutti frutti scent - it’s not overpowering but just soft enough to add a bit of fun - like a little secret just between you and your shoes!  Melissa shoes are also recyclable so make sure you see the recycle 3 symbol on the bottom of your shoe - it’s a great way to be nice to Mother Earth and also a good way to spot fakes.

After three years working with Vivienne Westwood, Melissa has branched out to work with other designers including Jason Wu, Gareth Pugh and Swarovski.  See all those sparkly Swarovski crystals?  Well, they’ve all been placed by hand!  Jason Wu’s pieces are all very feminine and classic with touches of lace (I love!), while Gareth Pugh’s pieces are a bit more streamlined.  Their line also includes a selection for men and the tiny dancers (soooo cute!).  I’ll be updating Lil’ Miss later this week with images from the children’s and tween collection. Check out the gallery below for a selection of my favorite Melissa shoes for the ladies…

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