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What I Want for the Holidays 2011: Feesh

The holidays are right around the corner! Here are a couple things from my wishlist:

1. Apple MacBook Pro: I have a MacBook Pro already but it’s 6 years old, sounds like a helicopter, and can probably fry an egg on the battery cover. I’m grateful that my current one has lasted me so long, but the time has come for me to upgrade.

2. Samsung Galaxy S II: As much as I love Apple products, I have to side with Android when it comes to phones. I’m due for an upgrade come January so maybe I’ll get one of these as a late gift to myself.

3. Nail Art Stamping Kit: My obsession with nail art is growing and so is my collection of colors, glitters, and stripers. I. Need. This.

4. La Mer Wrap Watch: A classic accessory that I fail to have. There are actually 3 that I want: the Silver Motor Classic Chain Watch, the White Patent Wrap Watch, and the Onyx Multi Chain Watch.

5. Glen Ivy Gift Card: Total relaxation without breaking the bank. Access to all the spas and mud bath are included with the entrance fee. For the most part, that’s all you really need. I usually add on access to the The Grotto on my trips. I plan on going here more often in 2012.

6. A Puppy: Who wouldn’t want one?!

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