M.I.S.S. Beauty Tip of the Week: “Nail Rock”

This week I thought I’d feature a relatively new company in the cosmetics industry. The new fad for nails recently has been nail wraps, prepackaged foils in exotic designs that can be customized to fit each of your nails easily. One of the companies that has jumped on the bandwagon and is giving Minx Nails, and Sally Hansen a run for their money is Nail Rock - designer nail wraps.

As you can see Nail Rock offers a wide array of different choices for nail polish enthusiasts. This product is extremely easy to apply at home. If you don’t believe me follow this check out this video…

Nail Rock was a hit on the catwalks this season and many celebrities have started to embrace it as well. Nail Rock products are ideal for any fashionista on a budget and are available at Nordstom’s for $8 a pack.

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