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Proactiv’s 12 Days of Christmas 2011 - Day 7 Charity Reveal

Proactiv Twelve Days of Christmas 2011
Each year, Proactiv hosts their 12 days of Christmas where 12 bloggers are selected to receive a Proactiv product and make a $200 donation in their name to their charity of choice. When I was approached by Proactiv to be a part of this year’s 12 days of Christmas I jumped at the chance because it feels great to give back - especially during the holidays.

My husband uses Proactiv and I’ve seen how quickly and how well the product works so when I was asked to select a product to receive, I opted for a non-acne product - Replenishing Eye Serum. I’ve only had it for a few days but so far so good.

The charity I chose is Smile Train - a non-profit organization that provides free surgery to children in developing countries who are born with clefts. Children born with clefts can’t eat or speak properly and are viewed as “cursed” and aren’t allowed to play with other children or go to school. Smile Train provides children with clefts a second chance at life.

Thank you Proactiv for the generous donation and Happy Holidays!

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Happy Holidays 2011!

Everyone at M.I.S.S. is taking some time to get some R&R with their friends and family and we hope you do the same!  We wish you a wonderful holiday season full of love, warmth and laughter!  We’ll see you in 2012!


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What I Want for the Holidays 2011: Gabriella

This may not come as a surprise to those of you who know me, but I want CHANEL for Christmas.  I’m obsessed with the Double-Cs and nothing says “I love you” like some quilted leather, pearls or gold chain with leather woven through it.  Chanel can get pretty pricey and I know that I won’t be getting most of these items but it’s  WISH list no?  Wishing you a happy holiday and hoping you get what’s on your wish list!


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What I Want for the Holidays 2011: Layidua

It’s the time for giving! The holidays are a wonderful time when you get to spend time with your family, eat tons of food and people expect you to spend money. I love holiday shopping; I get to splurge on gifts and not feel guilty about my spending. The only hard part is having everyone ask me what I want. I have little self-restraint, so it’s difficult to make a Christmas wishlist. So here goes my best attempt of a list (after removing the Chanel bag, Louboutin shoes, Vespa, etc.):

Comme des Garçons Embossed Wallet- This bright, compact wallet helps you stay organized and safe with zip closure. With colorful embossed leather, it is as much a statement piece as it is practical.

The Original Flea Saddle- This simple carryall is made with organic and vintage materials, vegetable-tanned and re-purposed leathers - the perfect Eco-Chic everyday bag. The Flea bag is large enough to hold my routine necessities and double up as a carry-on bag.

Tacori Onyx Studs- A year ago I decided to take out my plugs. Despite the fact that my ears are back to normal, I still shy away from big earrings. These Tacori studs would be a nice change from the diamond stud I have been rocking religiously.

Chanel Prestige Sunglasses- For us living in sunny California, sunglasses are staples - I need sunnies like 365. These beautiful oversized glasses feature Chanel’s iconic interlaced leather chain, need I say more?

Linus Dover Bike- LBC is working its way up the list of the most bike friendly cities in the nation. With tons of bike lanes and a bike rack at every turn, it would shameful not to bike just about everywhere in this lovely city. This also means that I NEED a new bike to ride in style. The Linus Dover is an elegant bike inspired by vintage French bikes - a legit set of wheels to ride around the city.

Images by: C_Rocka

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Ron Simms Jr.
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Ask MISSter Simms: I’m In A Hetero Relationship but Attracted to Other Women


Sometimes it's good to act on your impulses

Dear MISSter Simms,

I have a wonderful boyfriend that I’ve been with for the past eight months.  What he doesn’t know is that, for the past few years, I’ve found myself more and more attracted to my own sex.  The only time I’ve been with another girl was back in high school when I experimented with a friend of mine.  Ever since then I’ve strictly dated guys.  But, I always find myself wondering…what if?  My current guy is really great, and I don’t want to ruin what we have because of my urges.  But it’s getting harder and harder to ignore them, too.  What do you think I should do?

Woman Seeking Women

Dear WSW,

What do I think you should do?  Why, the only sensible thing of course: find a third party to have a wild threesome with!   Just bring up the idea with your boo over some dinner.  Unless he’s a fanatical puritan he’ll probably be more than open to the idea.  Once he’s down, all you really have to do is find a willing person that you both can agree on.  You get the best of both worlds in this situation.  Not only will you still be able to stay in your relationship, but you’ll get to experiment and unleash all those pent-up urges.   Now whether you continue down the womanly path is up to you, but at least it’ll be out in the open afterward.

Need relationship advice?  Send your questions to ronsimmsjr at gmail dot com and you might be featured on the next installment of Ask MISSter Simms.

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