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Va$htie’s VioletteNewYork.Com Has Re-Launched

Va$shtie’s Violette is back. This 20 piece collection consists of t-shirts and mid-drifts telling of the designer/artist/director/party promoter and everything else cool under the sun’s heritage. This is what she had to say on the latest:

“RUDE BOY YUTE” is the latest collection for FW2011 was inspired by my Trinidadian heritage. After a couple of recent trips there, I was compelled to create pieces that represented the culture in a subdued and fashionable manner.

I used common iconography in West Indian households and added a touch of pop to them - a can of Ackees, a bag of Curry, a Carib bottle cap, etc. My caribbean people are known for their color and vibrancy, but I decided to focus on making the line as monochromatic as possible like some of the flag shirts. It was a way to make the pieces accessible to anyone, despite your country of origin.

Shot on location in Trinidad by Jonathan Mannion!

I hope you like it!
-xo, va$htie.

The collection can be purchased on Violette New York.

Graphics by the lovely: C_Rocka

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