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The Missoni for Target Drama Continues….

It’s been almost a month since the initial launch of the Missoni for Target line, and it seems as if Target has yet to resolve all of the issues regarding the release. Many e-commerce customers are still fuming about the poor handling of the launch from a technical standpoint, as the website crashed for most of the launch day (and, as I can personally attest, for many days following the launch). Based on many of the comments on blog articles reporting about the craziness of the demand of the line, many of the customers who ordered online and got confirmation emails with order numbers are just now getting emails saying that their order cannot be processed because the items are “out of stock” – and that their entire order has to be canceled! Their inventory tracker was faulty and they oversold their goods. I ordered two pairs of tights online September 13th, and have received a total of 7 emails (to date, October 6th) regarding said order. First a pair of the tights was back ordered (also not initially listed as back ordered):

We just found out about an unexpected delay that affects your order [redacted] placed on 09/13/2011. We’re sorry, but we may not be able to deliver your item(s) by the estimated delivery date you received with your original order. New estimated delivery date(s) are included below. You will not be charged for any items until they ship. If items need to be shipped separately, your shipping charges will not increase.

Then there was an email 3 days ago stating the tights were dunzo:

We’re contacting you because one or more items from your Target.com order [redacted] are out of stock. Due to the unprecedented demand for our Missoni for Target collection, we are still working to fill outstanding Missoni orders. Some items may not be available and may need to be cancelled. Items we are able to fill could take up to the end of December to ship. If you are no longer interested in receiving your Missoni for Target items, please visit either the My Account or Contact Us section of Target.com to cancel. Within the next 10 business days you will receive additional email communication if any items from your order will be cancelled. We know this is disappointing and is not the experience you expect from Target. We are making improvements to better serve you in the future. Sincerely, Target.com Guest Services

And presumably, because I did NOT cancel the order after the “out of stock” email above, I got this email yesterday:

We wanted to let you know that item(s) from order [redacted] placed on 09/13/2011 have shipped. If your order contains more than one item, it may ship in multiple packages—check the details below. You are not charged for items until they ship.

All this just for tights! I can’t imagine the emotional drama all of the people with larger orders (and more substantial items) must be going through. Although Target has provided emails throughout the process, they have been totally bipolar - leading customers to wonder, “am I getting the items or not?” Target.com has also offered a half-assed apology to disappointed customers – but instead of apologizing, they should really do a bit more damage control and maybe send customers gift cards – or even offer them exclusive, early buying access to the upcoming Jason Wu collaboration.

There are many who don’t understand the Missoni for Target frenzy, commenting that the patterns are ugly and that “someone should call Charlie Brown, because he wants his wardrobe back.” The contents of the collaboration were heavily advertised on TV and through multi-page layouts in mags like the September issue of Vogue. I liked a lot of the stuff, mostly because the zigzag patterns evoke a 70’s fall, school-friendly feel (although the magenta flowered designs were foul). How did I get some of the pieces, you ask? Luckily, I have a Missoni Mama who grabbed some of the goods for me (like the Double M pumps and the patterned rain boots) from a Target considered more “remote” than the ones in NYC. I visited a few Targets in my area throughout the month to refresh my toiletries (yeah, right…I was secretly searching for discarded Missoni), and I noticed that different stores stocked totally different items. Unfortunately, both online and in the stores, items have been lost to “retail scalpers” - customers who purposely buy the items in an effort to re-sell them on eBay at elevated prices (with listing prices as high $31,000 for Missoni)! As for items in the store, I noticed as of last week that a handful of items seemed restocked–but based on the paltry amount on the shelves (most of which was bedding), I suspect that the items that WERE available in-store were there as a result of the retail scalpers who were unable to unload the items on eBay.

If you tried to order online and had your order canceled, or your local store was sold out of the items you wanted, try physically going to the store frequently this month – you will most likely score some items that have been returned. Unfortunately, many of the patterned backsplashes on the displays announcing the Missoni items will have been dismantled at this point, so the items may be harder to find…but if you’re still secretly longing for some cheap Missoni, dig deep in each area (and even in the clearance area in housewares) to scratch that itch.

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  1. jsica Jessica says:

    Omg, people are still going crazy. I see people picking up things that have been returned and such. I did return 4 items, debating if I want to return one more thing just because I’m not in love with it. Anyway, super excited for Jason Wu though!


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