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The Bay to L.A.: Breakfast of Champs

I’m a breakfast person. Well, really, I’m a food person. However, breakfast is not something I do everyday - usually it’s coffee and oatmeal or cereal on the go. So when I have the opportunity to sit down and have a good breakfast I want only the best.

When in the East Bay, Baldie’s in Union City off Decoto road is the place to be. I usually get waffles there but everything looks delish.  Service is warm, but not overbearing. Everyone working there has been there for years, and the owners are always there. This family-run business is a staple in the community.

St. Francis Fountain in S.F. is my choice when I find myself in the City in the mornings. They have something for everyone, from tofu scrambles to sourdough french toast (my pick). Located in the Mission on the corner of 24th & York, it used to be an ice cream parlor where you would go get your soda pop with your sweetheart. Bought by its current owners in 2002, it got spruced up and revamped and has remade itself to its former glory.

L.A. mornings don’t usually hold the soft warmth of being at home, but these next 2 spots make me forget all that mess.

L.A. Cafe is open 24 hours a day, which alone makes them awesome. The fact that their baked goods are ridiculously yummy makes them that much more awesome. Their chocolate muffin with a cup of coffee is my normal poison, but when I want to sit for a while, I will order a fresh orange-carrot juice and an Over the Border breakfast sandwich.

Last, but definitely not least, is my hands-down favorite breakfast place: Heritage Family Pantry in Lakewood/Long Beach is ah-may-zing! They have everything you can dream of… well, that I can dream of. I love their cinnamon swirl french toast - they make their cinnamon rolls there so you can imagine the goodness of it all. They make most of their breads so you are guaranteed fresh, good food. If you go, try the L.A. Marathon (if you dare): two of everything - pancakes, waffles, eggs, sausage, bacon…. Also tell them you want a muffin (chocolate chip is my fave) grilled, they will bring it out with butter and fresh whipped cream. Heaven.

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