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M.I.S.S. Jet Set: Don’t Be a Security Slowpoke

Every time I’m in line at TSA security checkpoint at an airport I am surprised how many clueless people happen to be standing in front of me. No matter how well I scout lines (no babies, solo Asian businessmen are good to follow), there always seem to be people who get into full-blown conversations with security, have to come back through, and basically stop the entire line. Instead of being “that girl,” be a polite lady and keep it moving through the TSA checkpoint.

1) Empty your pockets and take off all your metals. Yes, this means everything. Belts, watches, major bling, etc. need to come off. Don’t be the one who chose not to take off a bracelet cause it wouldn’t matter, then set off the alarm and hold up the whole process. In fact, consider putting rings and things in your purse before you even hit the bins and conveyor belt so you don’t have to stress about forgetting to take something off or leaving it behind. You can reaccessorize once you are fully in the terminal.

2) Remove jackets and shoes. And by jackets, I mean layers. You are going to get stopped if you have any clothing that could be hiding weapons, so if you opt to keep on your sweatshirt, you are a) causing a delay as the TSA agent strikes up conversation about this and b) gonna get a pat down. Even if you are okay with the pat down, think about the people behind you waiting to move it through the line and wishing you just put your jacket in the bin.

3) Take out your liquids. Remember the 1 bag allowed from the 3-1-1 rule? That has to be removed from your luggage and go into the security bin for separate examination. When packing, keep it on top, or stash it in your purse until you’re through security so you can quickly get it through the x-rays.

4) Separate your laptop. Laptop computers need to go through screening solo, meaning in their own bin without anything else (this includes cords and accessories- leave those out). You can put a laptop through in a laptop bag, so long as the laptop is the only thing in there and the bag is TSA approved. If you’re questioning if it’s good to go, just take it out and lay it in a bin so it doesn’t get stopped and re-screened.

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