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Photo of the Week: Folk Lore, Mariachi by Noe Montes

Where did you take the photo?

Plaza De La Raza, Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles, during the Scholarship Association for ESL Students annual event.

What were you thinking before you shot the photo?

I was excited to photograph a Chinese girl who was a Mariachi, I was thinking it was such a great symbol for Los Angeles

What were you thinking after you shot the photo?

I felt like I had photographed something from the future.

What do you like about the image?

I like the small things that make the image seem a little bit off: the rubber bracelet and wrinkled skirt. I like how she seems to be floating in space. I like the hand holding the bow. I love her grace.

What camera did you use?

Canon 5D Mark II

What inspires you?

Many, many things: People and the things they do. Literature, Architecture and Painting.

How did you get into photography?

I took a class at a community college about 18 years ago and found that it is the perfect way for me to explore the world and express my thoughts about it.

Upcoming projects or shows?

Currently in a show at the Ace Hotel in New York curated by THIS Los Angeles. Upcoming show in September with Emily Shur and Noah Kalina at THIS Los Angeles in their Highland Park gallery.

To see more of Noe’s work please visit the sites below.

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