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M.I.S.S. Muses: Happy Birthday!

I must admit, I was in a bad mood about my birthday this year leading up to it. It wasn’t an age issue or anything, it was more the stresses of the rest of my life were weighing heavy and I didn’t want to deal with the coordinating and entertaining of people for an annual celebration. But after reading Jennie T’s post on birthdays and a bestie talk about what was really going on with me, I found new inspiration in the celebrating of my birth.

I generally love my birthday because I’m quite into celebrating. Why not- celebrations are fun! And if it’s about me, fantastic. This year though, I wanted my form of celebration to consist of alone time, mostly because I require alone time to get energy and both alone time and energy have been scarce lately. It wasn’t that I was anti-birthday or anti-celebrating with others, but when I only have a few days home with potential for down time, I want to seize. So, while having my annual dinner with loved ones did have appeal, I was so concentrated on this taking away from my solo recharge that I wasn’t quite excited about celebrating.

But after reading Jennie’s post on birthdays, I was reminded of how much fun I have in sharing celebrations with friends. So, I reached out to a dear friend, and we talked it out. It turns out I was upset and stressed about things in life and taking it out on my birthday. As we worked through how I was feeling about other things, my birthday gathering became less and less the villain. And then, my friend pointed out:

People are opting to celebrate in your birthday. . . see the love in that!

She was totally right. It’s hard enough to get two people together among schedules and such, so to get an entire group of people I truly love to come together, that’s amazing. I started to see the love in people not coming because we’re going to party or because they need to eat dinner, they come out of love for me. That’s pretty awesome.

I’m glad my friend helped me get a fresh perspective. At my core, I love celebrating life and being surrounded with love and people I care about. And I am so lucky that people want to share in my celebrations and come together for me. Here’s to a happy birthdays, happy friends, happy thanks, and happy life.

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