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The 83rd Academy Awards: Fashion Round-Up

It has finally arrived! The 83rd Academy Awards! I couldn’t sleep Saturday night because of how much I love and live for this moment. Best believe I dressed up too! It might be raining/snowing in Seattle, but my heart was in sunny LA.

The Fighter's Amy in Glitter.

Enough about the mushy stuff, let’s get down to the core of things: the fashion! Here are the trends and styles you will be seeing in the season to come as well as the things that you should hide in the back of your closet forever.

Although the fashion changed throughout the show and people wore something different at the after party, my only concern is the red carpet.

Scarlett & Reese not looking too good.

These are the trends that I am falling in love with on today’s starlets:

  • Sparkles! All the glitters in the world may not be gold but at least it always sparkles.  Sparkly nudes dresses were the hot item this year. Ladies like Hailee Steinfeld, Michelle Williams, Halle Berry, and Mandy Moore were like walking constellations in all their shine.
  • Purple is the new black! Both of the Black Swan girls chose great purple dresses. Mila went with a lighter shade and a very pregnant Portman chose a rich reddish plum.
  • But if you’re not a fan of purple, be a hot mama in red because red is never dead!
  • Bow ties are replacing tie ties! The gentleman looked great as always but every Hollywood bromance duo sported the bow ties. Black-on-black is always nice for the guys, but those white-on-white suits made Javiar Bardem and Josh Brolin look like bad waiters.
  • Structure and origami-style dresses that look like they could stand on their own were a big favorite. The stronger the silhouette the better!
  • Rich greens in your accessories always go great with any color.

My personal favorites go to Jennifer Lawrence in a elegant and simple Calvin Klein, Halle Berry, True Grit’s Hailee Steinfeld who looked like a picture-perfect ingenue in her beautiful Marchesa, and the always stunning Mila Kunis.

The newly slim & always beautiful Jennifer

The fashion faux pas that made me do a double-take was chosen by the usually breathtaking Cate Blanchett, who looked like she was wearing a underwater science project gone wrong. And Melissa Leo, now forever famous for dropping the F bomb during her speech, should drop her stylist while she’s at it.

What do you think? Who do you think should have gone home with a golden man of their own in style? Make sure to leave comments.

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Eliza Doolittle - Mr Medicine

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Fashion Meets Music: The Three Degrees

Banging in black

With so many 70s inspired styles hitting the racks this spring and walking down the runway for fall its only fitting that we pay homage to one of the Me Decade’s solid gold soul groups, The Three Degrees. This amazing Philly trio, who after several line up changes had a total of 12 women represent the group, was so full of 70s soul that they recorded the theme song for Soul Train.

The original Three Degrees were formed in 1963 in Philadelphia by Fayette Pinkney, Shirley Porter and Linda Turner. After a few line-up changes, Turner and Porter were replaced with Helen Scott and Janet Harmon, and a few less than noteworthy singles, the girls finally hit mainstream gold with their 1974 single “When Will I See You Again” earning the trio a gold record. The group went on to round out the 70s by recording two live albums, performing for Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace and appearing in The French Connection and on Sandford and Son. While disco began to die out to be replaced with heavy synth in the 80s, The Three Degrees continued to record and chart with singles like “The Heaven I Need”. After more line up changes and the death of original member Fayette Pinkney, The Three Degrees are still going strong today minus the disco hair and outfits.

Foxxy Cleopatra couldn't touch these fly mamas with a ten foot pole

Speaking of disco style, these ladies were 100% certified bad mamajamas. With the kinds of height you can only achieve from rollers and enough Aquanet to deplete the ozone layer and more sequins than you could count, these girls laid down a style blueprint that girl groups today still follow. They were sexy and risqué without crossing too far into sloresville and they made hot pants and slits up to there look classy. Honestly after looking these ladies up I’m ready to slip into a killer pair of platforms, tell my hair dresser to pump up the volume and set my personal soundtrack to “Brick House”, or not. I do know that whether you pick up on the 70s vibes following through the collections things spring or not, The Three Degrees definitely deserve your sartorial attention.

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M.I.S.S. NYFW: China Glaze at New York Fashion Week

Richie Rich muliticolor manicure in progress

Once mother nature turns up her thermostat, the fashion rules change. In the winter its all about bags and boots. During the heat waves in the mid-year months a lady’s nails take priority. NYFW provided nail color company China Glaze with its fourth consecutive opportunity to share their high-quality polishes with the world’s fashion elite. China Glaze is one of my personal go-to brands for nail lacquer. They have the vibrant colors any edgy gal would go gaga for and they’re big 3 free. That’s right, no DBP, toluene, or formaldehyde. Say no to toxins!

Tadashi x Innocence

Tadashi was one of the designers to feature CG. He actually has a color of choice. Innocence is a sheer, pale pink shade that allows the beauty of your natural nail to peek through. Tadashi is known for his elegant designs and this polish is the perfect pink to accent his designs. Its just enough color to see without overshadowing the fashions.

Two Ivana Helsinki models all done up

The 1960s mod designs of Ivana Helsinki consisted of velvet, patterned pieces, and those chunky heels we all adore. Hair was all beehived and hair sprayed up. Makeup for the models was more enhanced around the eyes with a coal black mascara and winged eyeliner. Such a dramatic presentation needs no help. To keep focus where she wanted it, Ivana chose a clear nail provided by Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat. The speed of any NYFW show calls for a quick dry nail covering and they chose the right one!

Richie Rich x Midnight Mission

Animated designer Richie Rich is known for his vivid designs and needed a polish able to keep up. The ‘punk’ looks from the runway featured  Midnight Mission with Devotion, Nova, and Solar Flair all layered on the ring finger. The more sophisticated looks were accompanied by Lubu Heels with Passion and Medallion on the ring finger. Oh, don’t think the fellas didn’t partake in the festivities. Male manis had Nova and Devotion layered on four fingers with Liquid Leather on the ring. Fierce!

Image Layout: C_Rocka

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Jennie T
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My Latest Obsession: Milan Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2011

My Latest Obsession Milan Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2011

My Latest Obsession Milan Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2011

The circuit of Fashion Week shows continues this week in Milan, where the heavy-hitters came out to play. Based on what I’ve seen so far from Milan Fashion Week, designers are garnering a lot of inspiration from the past, and twisting it in fun and creative ways. My favorites thus far are Gucci, D&G and Alberta Ferretti, who all took inspiration from the 70s, 80s and 60s respectively.

The venerable house of Gucci opened Milan Fashion Week and they certainly set the fashion bar high for the rest of the week. Frida Giannini, Gucci’s Creative Director described the collection as “a contemporary female dandy” whose roots are firmly planted in the 40s and 70s.  The Gucci Autumn/Winter collection featured beautifully dyed jewel-colored fox jackets and stoles, skirts, dresses, culottes and pussy-bow blouses. In contrast, the evening wear was sultry, ethereal and seductive. Models glided down the catwalk in sheer chiffon numbers that featured halter-necks, cut-outs and thigh-high (even waist-high) slits. Matching full knickers were paired with the dresses, and, as much as I hate to admit this it’s probably the most successful inclusion of these “big knickers” that I’ve seen to date. Not that you’ll be seeing me out in them anytime soon.

Continuing the theme of getting inspiration from decades past, D&G looked back to the 80s for their autumn/winter 2011 collection. Blaring Madonna’s “Vogue” in the background, models wore knit dresses, pencil skirts, leggings and over-sized silk blouses and blazers. The pattern of choice? The alphabet, of course! The pattern appeared in both black and white and bright neon colors EVERYWHERE including some inspired jewelry. The finale featured letter-printed tops with dyed feather tutu skirts. I LOVED this collection. The cheeky playfulness partnered with the nostalgia of the 80s made this collection near impossible to resist.

I’m a big fan of 60s fashion, so  Alberta Ferretti’s Autumn/Winter collection definitely caught my eye. Alberta Ferretti featured A-line dresses in lush tones of grey, purple, teal and orange (love the color palette!), chiffon dresses and tailored jackets were all worn with velvet over the knee boots. The real stars of the show, however, were the breathtaking gowns featured at the end of the show. Floor-length lace and silk numbers in black, blush, silver and slate blue seen in the finale gave the show a romantic tone that was totally different than the structured hue-soaked garments seen at beginning.

What are your favorite collections from MFW 2011?

Until next week (and my next obsession)!

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