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Artist on the Rise: Ilse Valfré

Artist on the Rise: Ilse Valfré (photo by Vandalo)

Artist on the Rise: Ilse Valfré (photo by Vandalo)

Normally, this day of the week marks a post on a woman who has dedicated her talents to the progression of female representation in the art world. Art HERstory is our way of honoring the ladies of the past. This week, we decided to shine the spotlight on a lady of the future. Ilse Valfré is a 23-year-old model, fashion designer, illustrator, author, and photographer on the rise. Not to mention the girl has uncanny sense of style. Her face and work have been featured in various major print publications as well as online media outlets.

Ilse Valfré

Ilse was born in Puerto Penasco, Mexico, but raised in Tijuana. She’s been a serial doodler since childhood and is now using her hobby to her advantage. In 2008 she wrote and illustrated a children’s book. The idea for The Bambinis came from observing her preschool students. Yes, Ilse is a teacher too! A prime example of the total package, she has brains, beauty, and an imagination.

I actually got the opportunity to speak to Ilse and pick her brain. By the end of the interview our email addresses were on the brink of BFFs!

Ilse Valfré

What sparked your artistic interest?

I do not know exactly what it was, but all I know is that since I was a little girl I have enjoyed drawing on every surface I could put my hands on. My crayons were my best friends growing up.

What is your ultimate long term goal when it comes to your career in art?

One of my many goals I have  is to paint on walls around the world, images that distract and delight people and remove them from their everyday concerns.

Have you done any collaborations with anyone?

I did some illustrations for t shirts for the Rouge Monk. And I am in the talks to do a couple of collaborations with companies that I really like, but I cannot say anything until is 100% sure.

Ilse Valfré

Really? A clothing line? Where can we see some pieces you’ve designed?

I did some t-shirts for Rouge Monk (LA). They are available on the Rouge Monk online store.

What publications have you and/or your work been featured in?

I have been featured on Nylon Magazine, Examiner, Urban Outfitters, Teen Vogue (online), TCLY, Scout Magazine, Da Emme, Fab Gab, Mejfote, Caviar Izquierda  and other blogs.

Do you have a routine or a specific place you go or thing you do when you create?

Inspiration comes where I least expect it. But it’s usually in the middle of the night.

Ilse Valfré

Who are some of your favorite artists past, present, and future?

Past: Frida Kahlo her art was very raw and very inspiring. Present: I would say Miss Van. Her work speaks to me in a very special way. Future: I think it may be my nephew. His paintings and drawings are very interesting.

What are you working on now?

I am writing my first short films, I am gonna start shooting them next month.

What are your hobbies outside of your art?

I love roller skating. I also absolutely enjoy being with my friends.
We like to go for coffee or just watch movies.

Image Layout: Katrina

Ilse Valfré

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