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Reading Rendezvous: Long Division: A Novel by Jane Berentson

Image by Indie

Image by Indie

Wow! If you are to read one book this summer this should be it! Long Division: A Novel by Jane Berentson was truly one of the funniest books I have ever read. One of those laugh out loud books! As we follow the life of Annie Harper we are not only amused but also enthused. This charismatic intoxicating individual has bequeathed herself with the task of tracking and documenting her life sans major hottie and boyfriend Lieutenant David Peterson- as he is in Afghanistan for a year.

Alone in Tacoma, WA, Annie’s thoughts race and quickly change. Slightly obsessively she reads the New York Times Names of the Dead fretting about her boyfriend constantly. She is neurotic and slightly delusional at times. Yet I love her! In order to distract herself from the monotony of life sans her Army hunk she begins a book to describe her life and experiences. In her charge to herself Annie attempts to push herself to describe everything even her most deranged thoughts.

“Dear Annie,
You must write to provoke, elicit, and understand your deepest emotions. To coax them out and paint them plain and ugly. Sweet and/or bitter. In documenting how you pass into this year, you will hopefully come to understand something more profound about yourself, David Peterson, Lonesome George, George W. Bush, and maybe (if you’re lucky) the entire universe.
Fondest Regards,
Annie Harper”

As we continue her memoir we follow Annie through the many trials and tribulations that direct her life. Annie begins to want more than obsessively writing and long for David. But what? Anne has greater endeavors; we follow her as she volunteers at a nursing home, raises a chicken, reminisces about a lost brother-she never knew, and falls out and in love. Struggling to come to terms with her emotions and feelings our hearts beat and fluxuates with Annie’s. Her truest companion is Loretta- a 93 year old woman- from the nursing home. Loretta is her confidant and sounding board.

This novel is way more than every other wartime love story. It is a story of the heart and hope, a truest test of love and faith. With space in Annie and David’s relationship they change and grow without each other. This novel is immersed with love and growth; weighing the issues about “loyalty vs. real gut wrenching love”. Annie is a quirky, eccentric young woman determined to not succumb to the Army life. We feel and read every thought with her. Annie copes with so many things over the year that we can only hope for her, for changes, continued growth, and laughter.

Jane Berentson has truly written a loving, funny, and inspiring novel. The character of Annie is relatable and loveable. Her dialogue is intriguing and engaging. Not only is the plot charming, the characters may have different names but we all have been involved in a situation like this. A unique fact about this novel is the appendices which describe each character in detail, as well as many footnotes which describe her thoughts. Berentson’s prose is appealing to the reader; you are roped in with every word. Not only is she able to present dialogue but she diversifies her prose to include emails, phone calls, chicken talk, and so much more. Overall this novel should not be missed at all. I wholeheartedly recommend Long Division: A Novel by Jane Berentson.

The book is available at Amazon

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Win A Copy of Charlie’s Angels on Blu-Ray!

charlie's angels on blu ray

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment takes girl power to the next level on August 3rd when CHARLIE’S ANGELS debuts on High Definition Blu-ray Disc — and we’re offering one kick butt Blu-ray giveaway!

The gorgeous, brilliant, and ass-kicking trio of the ultimate star power - Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu - can now be experienced through a newly remastered Blu-Ray disc, chock full of special features including director commentary, five featurettes, deleted scenes, and more!

To enter, just let us know who your favorite Angel is in a comment below. The contest closes next Friday, August 6th Midnight PST.
-Winner must be in the US and have a non PO box shipping address
-Winner must claim the prize within 14 days of contest end date

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My Latest Obsession: San Diego Comic-Con - Part Two

My Latest Obsession: San Diego Comic-Con

My Latest Obsession: San Diego Comic-Con

Last week, I wrote about obsessing over the wardrobe that I was taking down to San Diego for the annual geek/popular arts fest that is Comic-Con. I just got home from the frenetic four day frenzy and while I am completely exhausted, it was a lot of fun gathering with my fellow geeks to celebrate the creative world we live in.

I saw people dressed up in all kinds of costumes. There were the standards: Princess Leia (in various forms) Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, Superman and Batman. Hit Girl (from the comic series and movie Kick Ass) and Green Hornet costumes were also popular. My personal favorites were the Fandango Paperbag Puppets that were standing outside to greet spectators every day, a Sock Monkey, Pac-Man and all of the Ghosts, and I had the chance to chat with Kermit the Frog, who was covering the Con as a member of the press.

Being me, I overpacked just a bit (although not as bad as I have done in the past!) and didn’t have to do as many quick changes as I thought I was going to have to (but if I could have changed quickly like Lynda Carter in the Wonder Woman series from my childhood, I probably would have used the entire wardrobe). The dresses I packed for after-parties stayed in the wardrobe but the new Hudson’s were perfect for day-to-night after dressing up the wife beater from American Apparel. I also paired my Habituals with a tube top, a Miss Sixty leather jacket and a pair of Steve Madden Gladiator heels. Comfy and stylish without being too dressed up (plus, it was a little chilly outside).

As for makeup, I could not have survived without Napoleon Perdis’s Auto-Pilot Primer and Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Black Liner. I was up and at the Con by 10am every morning, and was out until at least 1:30am everyday. I didn’t have a lot of time in-between interviews and events to touch up all that much, so these two products saved the day. I think I touched up my eyes once during the day (NO raccoon eyes for me! Seriously run, do not walk to get this liner), and used blotting papers once or twice. Since I have a pretty active T-Zone, being able to rest easy about my face becoming an oil slick five minutes after I’ve applied foundation and powder was a blessing!

With all of the prep work that I did just to walk around at the Con as a “normal” person, I have so much respect and admiration for the people who spend months and months planning their superhero costumes specifically for the Con. One of my friends put a lot of work into his own Robin costume, and was a finalist in the Masquerade Ball that took place on Saturday (congrats, Rey!). The closest I got to a costume was wearing cuffs as a nod to Wonder Woman my first day there, and a chunky green stone ring, to honor Green Lantern. Perhaps next year, I’ll get up the nerve to join in the costumed fun with a creation of my own (wink).

Until next week (and my next obsession!)

Graphics by: Michelle

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What to do in DC: Matchbox


Matchbox is one of those restaurants that seemingly popped up over night when downtown DC was going through it’s revitalization period and has been insanely popular ever since.  Some people go to socialize down at the bar with the throngs of 20-30 something hipsters, preps, and white collar office workers that usually frequent the place.  Drinks are divided between girly or manly, making it even easier to find where the Apple Martini’s and Cosmopolitans are without having to sift through Mint Juleps and Lemon Quenchers.  Some people go for the decor; the exposed brick walls and wood floors are pretty sexy after all, and Matchbox gets its name from the wide array of matchboxes embedded in the wood and resin tables.  Then there are people like me who come soley for the food.  There’s a pretty good selection of salads, seafood, and steak dinners among other things, but the two main reasons to come to Matchbox are for the burgers and pizza.  The burgers, which come in mini and full sized versions, feature well seasoned, juicy slabs of Angus beef topped with sweet onion strings and served on a brioche bun.  The pizza’s, on the other hand, are all baked in Matchbox’s special wood-stoked oven and have a slightly tangy tomato sauce.  The crusts, which the menu states are slightly charred from their short time in the oven, make a good base for toppings ranging from the mundane (vegetables) to the amazing (chicken pesto).  Good thing, too, as Matchbox bills itself as the vintage pizza bistro.

Even on a slow night there’s usually a wait, but trust me: it’s totally worth it.

713 H St NW
Washington, D.C. 20001-3733

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The Beauty Link List: 07.30.2010

Love Chloe

♥♥ Launching late August comes Love, Chloe the newest fragrance from Chloe. The stunning blend is a combination of orange blossom, pink pepper, iris absolute, lilac, hyacinth, wisteria blossom, musk, talc, and rice powder.

Tweezerman Graffiti, Katy Perry Purr, Lanvin Marry Me

♥♥ Tweezerman revamps its iconic Slant Tweezer with a throwback graffiti motif.

♥♥ This November, Katy Perry will unveil her first ever fragrance . The sexy concoction named “Purr” is a blend of peach, apple, and bamboo, and will be available at Nordstrom locations.

♥♥ Young, fresh, and modern, Lanvin will introduce Marry Me, a whimsical fragrance that includes top notes of bitter orange, jasmine tea, white peach, amber, and musk. The scent will be available in late August, with prices ranging from $50 (30ML) to $90 (75ML).


♥♥ Introducing Skin Deco. Offering beauty reviews, tutorials, and  an online store, the Kuala Lumpur based website features off-the-radar brands like Rene Furterer and I Nuovi.

Image Layout: Indieprince

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